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Introducing: Work Check, a podcast by Atlassian

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Is your company working as well as it could be? This new podcast from Atlassian brings you fun and fiery debates over today’s trendiest workplace practices, from dogfooding to agile at scale, asynchronous collaboration to ERGs. Join us as we argue if and how you should add these practices to your work life. New episodes out September 7th.


“Ew, I’m sorry…what’s dogfooding?”

“That just sounds like a lot of forced fun”

“I’m telling you – this changed the way I do my job!”

Christine Dela Rosa

I’m Christine Dela Rosa, and at Atlassian, I spend a lot of my time helping companies improve the way their teams work together.

But sometimes, the trendiest workplace practices seem more like hype than help. So how do you figure out which to apply, and how?

Welcome to Work Check, a new podcast from Atlassian.

Each episode, I’ll be joined by two brilliant colleagues to debate if, why, and how companies may want to adopt different workplace practices. Our debaters bring in experts, research, and swap stories to prove their points. “In the end, I crown a winner and you walk away with a new way to work.

This season, we’re debating some controversial questions, like:

Christine Dela Rosa

“Can true agile adoption actually scale?”

Kelvin Yap

Agile all the way to the top!

Christine Dela Rosa

“Do hybrid or remote teams need to offsite in person?”

Shannon Winter

No way, it’s called remote for a reason.

Christine Dela Rosa

And “Should asynchronous work be the new default?”

Marshall Walker Lee

Cancel that meeting!

Christine Dela Rosa

Join us this fall as we shake up the status quo on the ways you’re working. New episodes of Work Check drop September 7th on Tuesdays.