What do photographing a black hole, reimagining car design, and containing a nuclear meltdown have in common?

Teamwork. It’s time to bust the myth of the lone genius once and for all because the truth is, we’re in this together.

Listen to Teamistry, an Atlassian podcast that looks past the front page headlines to discover the incredible untold stories of teams behind the scenes who joined together to do what could never be done alone.

When the pandemic halted film and TV productions in early 2020, Westbrook Media, the fledgling production company of actor Will Smith, didn't fold. They changed the game. Seeing an opportunity for a new kind of project, and using new ways of working, they pivoted to produce a hit variety show for Snapchat ... in Will Smith's garage. See episode page

By 2001, abysmal employee morale and unsafe working conditions had soured the reputation of the Campbell Soup Company. The century-old colossus, whose iconic cans appear in 90% of American households, had the lowest employee engagement of any Fortune 500 company. Enter a new CEO who forms a truly engaged leadership team and turns the toxic workplace around – in just three years. See episode page

Across the globe, many communities remain offline. In the U.S., digital redlining has kept certain communities isolated even more. At a time when equal access to the internet should be considered a basic human right, a team of "digital stewards" in Detroit is working to connect families, one home and one neighborhood at a time. See episode page

Can you fix a toy that isn't broken? That's what a team at Mattel Inc. set out to do with Hot Wheels™. But the digital update they introduced to future-proof the best-selling toy on the planet bombed. The risky decision, however, benefitted the venerable company – just not the way they expected. See episode page

The Indian Premier League (IPL) promised to transform cricket in India until a series of scandals rocked the league – and threatened the integrity of the sport itself. But a leadership team unites to save the IPL and winds up navigating it through an even bigger crisis: the pandemic. See episode page

During the 1994 Winter Olympics, an employee of IBM, that held exclusive rights to the telecast, went looking for the results on the brand-new World Wide Web. But he didn't find them on IBM's website – they didn't have one. He found them on a rival company's website. This is the story of the forward-thinking team that convinced decision-makers to wake up to the Internet, which influenced a tectonic shift in everything about IBM as an organization. See episode page

Teamistry is an original podcast from Atlassian about the chemistry of teams, proving that when people work together they can achieve more than they ever thought possible. See episode page

Gabriela Cowperthwaite

About the host

Teamistry is hosted by award-winning film director Gabriela Cowperthwaite. Her films, including the documentary "Blackfish," deal with social, cultural, and environmental issues relating to real life events, and through her work she is intimately familiar with the power and importance of teamwork.