Teamistry Season 3 Episode Trailer

Teamistry Season 3: Time for Change

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In season three of Teamistry, we witness stories of extraordinary teamwork that have inspired change and upended legacies – within organizations and across industries.

In season three of Teamistry, host Gabriela Cowperthwaite spotlights teams that not only achieve the impossible, but also inspire change across the board. These are stories of leadership and courage that mark a turning point in how organizations—and even whole industries—are transformed for the better. Follow along as a team of trailblazers brings IBM on to the web; a group of innovators at Hot Wheels fuses a physical car with a virtual platform; a community of digital stewards in Detroit connecting underserved homes to the internet. And many more. Starting June 7th, a new episode drops every two weeks.

Teamistry is an original podcast from Atlassian.