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Making an Impossible Airplane: The Untold Story of Concorde

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Picture this: A flight from New York to London where your co-passengers are Princess Diana, Mick Jagger, and Sting. On the menu: caviar canapés, lobster, and champagne. Your journey takes a little over three hours – half the time it takes today. And that one flight puts you in the history books, because you just flew faster than the speed of sound.

Welcome aboard for the new season of Teamistry. This show is all about teamwork, and the incredible things teams can achieve through collaboration. In Season 4, we’ll tell you the story of Concorde: the world’s only supersonic passenger plane to have taken to the skies. Concorde is an engineering marvel, a pop cultural icon, and a source of controversy – including espionage. Above all, Concorde is a testament to what happens when teams go beyond borders, egos, and politics to make the impossible, possible.

Join new host Nastaran Tavakoli-Far and lead producer Pedro Mendes as they travel to the U.K. and France to where Concorde was built, and talk with the original team of engineers as they reflect on their personal journeys, emotional highs and lows, and mind-numbing complications faced when turning a dream into reality.

Episode 1 of ”Making an Impossible Airplane: The Untold Story of Concorde” takes off on November 21st. See you then!

Teamistry is an original podcast from Atlassian.

Episode Extras

Teamistry host Nastaran Tavakoli-Far (right) and Lead Producer Pedro Mendes experience the flight deck of the Concorde G-BOAF at Aerospace Bristol in the U.K.

Air France Concorde on display at Musée Aeroscopia in Toulouse, France.


BA recording: Welcome on board, everyone, all customers have now boarded and we will shortly be briefing you on the safety procedures of this aircraft.

Nas: What makes flying truly memorable? Think about it. A little extra leg room? An interesting chat with someone seated next you? An adorable baby, who … surprisingly … doesn’t throw a fit.

Is that it?

Now what if I told you there was a time, not long ago … when taking ONE flight would place you in the history books?

Concorde museum recording: And it’s my great pleasure to invite you on the world’s only supersonic airliner.

In this season, we’re going to explore the untold story of Concorde, the supersonic passenger jet that changed our skies forever.

I’m Nastaran Tavakoli-Far. I’m an investigative reporter and the new host of Teamistry, an original podcast from Atlassian — makers of collaborative software including Jira, Trello, and Confluence.

Jonathan Glancey: You could hear it approaching. It was thundering off the clouds. It was like a sky God passing over.

In six episodes — we’ll dive deep into the making of an impossible plane that flew faster than the speed of sound.

Yves Gourinad: The two booms were very, very good. Babam! Babam! Babam!

Nas. Could you, could you feel it in your body?

Yves: Yes, but we survived. *laughter*

We’ll bring you inside stories of the collaboration between British and French teams who went beyond borders, politics, and even language to make a passenger plane unlike anything that had flown before … or that has flown since.

Dudley Collard: You never say that things are impossible. Concord of course was impossible.

Along the way, we talk to historians and enthusiasts, as well as Concorde engineers who share the joys and challenges of working together towards a common dream.

John Britton: Whenever we went for a meeting in France… there were flasks …of white wine. … So, they would hold the tricky decisions till after lunch in the hope that the Brits would be a bit squiffy and we’d nod it through.

And, even the messy bits of teamwork are not off the table.

Katie John: We haven’t had the easiest history over the last thousand years. The fact I think the fact that two such old, proud nations collaborated at all was a source of amazement to the rest of the world.

History and Concorde are linked together. Whether it’s the Cold War, Colonialism, the first wave of environmentalism. Or even Princess Diana, Michael Jackson and Phil Collins.

They all play a role in shaping the story of Concorde.

In this season, we’re traveling to the places where Concorde was built ….

And we’re talking to the people – from different countries and cultures – who dreamed the same dream and came together to achieve the impossible.

Michel Polacco: It is beautiful that some dreams can be rare. Men walk on the moon, men like me flew at Mac two. It’s fabulous. Fabulous

“Making An Impossible Airplane: The Untold Story of Concorde” on Teamistry, an original podcast from Atlassian. Wherever you get your podcasts. The new season launches November 21. So fasten your seatbelts, put on your headphones, and look up to the skies.