When we launched Jira Software for iPhone in May, the Android members of our Jira Software Cloud community made it clear they wanted in on the action. And today we’re excited to announce that Jira Software for Android has arrived!

Jira Software for Android brings the same great mobile functionality that we introduced to iPhone, but also comes with a series of improvements that allow you to increase visibility and track team progress from anywhere with ease. Here’s how.

Maintain visibility from anywhere with boards

Jira Software for Android ships out-of-the-box with scrum and kanban boards, enabling every member of your software team to track the status of any work item and have real-time visibility into where it is in your team’s workflow – from anywhere. The app was designed so that team members can easily swipe between columns and move between boards, ensuring that every project and every issue is always (and literally) at your fingertips. It’s everything you love about Jira Software boards, designed to fit in your pocket.


Track your tasks in one place

Our new Android offering introduces “My tasks,” a single screen where you can see every work item that you’re responsible for. It’s a single to-do list of everything you need to take care of in one, consolidated view. So if you’re on the bus into work and need to check on something you’re working on, peruse the tasks you have on deck, or see if anything new has landed on your plate, it’s as easy as pulling out your Android. And if there’s an item on the list that you already took care of, moving it to done is just a tap away.


Keep your finger on the pulse with notifications

Your software team moves fast. To help you keep up with everything that’s going on when you’re not at your desk, Jira Software for Android also ships with “Notifications.” The new Notifications screen provides real-time updates on all of the important work you care about most. We’ve even built in push notification settings that are entirely user-configurable, giving you full control over which of these notifications get pushed to you when you’re not in app. So whether it’s a conversation you want to track or a specific ticket you’re following, important updates in Jira Software Cloud now reach your Android in real-time.


In addition to the new features above, Jira Software for Android gives users the ability to capture and assign issues, respond to comments, mention other team members, attach files, pictures, and videos, and more.

Download Jira Software for Android

A better way to track important projects and stay connected to your team has arrived. Jira Software for Android is available now as a free download on the Google Play Store. Grab it today!

en_badge_web_generic-600x232Note: At this time Jira Software for Android is only available for Jira Software Cloud users.


Jira Software for Android has landed