A simple Jira workflow for the fishing enthusiast
This post is from Atlassian AllStar, Damien Lauberton. Damien is the CTO of darwyn, a “happy monkey” French company that offers new-generation IT consulting services. He’s been working with Atlassian products every day for 6 years – even when he goes fishing!

Jira for carp fishingBy using Atlassian Jira (Core or Software) every day, I became crazy about wanting to “JIRA-lyse” everything. As the product moves to being less and less linked to only IT software development, it’s becoming easier and easier to use Jira not only for workflows and customer relationships but also for data analysis.

I like being in quiet and wild places sometimes and I practice carp fishing at least once a month. It’s just a simple way for me to relax and think about projects and ideas. So I asked myself: “How can I combine my two passions: using Jira, and carp fishing?”

I was testing and giving feedback on the brand new Jira mobile application (I was a beta user, lucky me! If you missed it, the app is available on the app store now: it’s here!) and it made me think about further mobile needs for Jira users.

Well, my need was quite simple and may evolve in the near future, but here’s how now I manage my fish catches using Atlassian Jira Software with an Atlassian onDemand account: let’s build a JIRA-based carp catches inventory system!

Setting it up

I didn’t use any add-ons on this FISH project. It was mandatory for me to have dedicated fields to save the needed data, I just created and added them to my project fields configuration and screens: catch date, fish type, spot type, spot name, spot location, hookbait name, priming details, and finally the fish weight.



I needed a very simple workflow for now: I simply catch a fish, take some information from it (and a picture most of the time) and then release it back in the water. All the spots I’m visiting are « no-kill » zones. I will be able to evolve my workflow easily later so first things first, keep things simple.


Step back a minute

What I need to know as carp fisher is: how many fish did I catch? What’s my best hookbait? What time of the year is the best for going fishing? Where did I catch the most fish? I want to optimize my fishing sessions and make the most of them. What’s really interesting is that now I’m able to list all my fish catches and make statistics using a dashboard!

Total fish catches


Sorted by fish type


Sorted by spot name VS fish type

fish-spots-vs-types (1)

Sorted by hookbait


Going forward

So far it’s working well for me, all my fish catches are tracked and I already have the most important statistics.

Now I can start thinking about my strategy to beat my own record: catching a fish that weighs more than 20 kilograms (44 pounds)!


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