Calling all Jira Admins! Does this describe you?

  • You’ve got 2-3 years of experience as a Jira Admin (this one’s not for newbies!)
  • You can administer Jira in both Cloud and Server environments.
  • You can interpret and translate business requirements to Jira in addition to keeping Jira alive and healthy over time.
  • You’re a guru when it comes to workflows, schemes, and other features available through Jira.
  • You really know how your choices affect the performance, scalability, and day-to-day efficiency of your end users.
  • You know how to take advantage of Atlassian resources and community, ultimately helping your team implement best practices within Jira.

Become an Atlassian Certified Jira Administrator

Atlassian Certification enhances your credibility, sharpens your performance, and helps you deliver world-class Atlassian experiences to teams everywhere. Before becoming an Atlassian Certified Professional, we’ll ask you to show us your skills by passing a challenging scenario-based exam.

We recommend taking the Jira Administrator Certification Prep Course to increase your chances of passing on the first try. Once you’re an ACP, you’re eligible to earn Atlassian Badges, which showcase your specialized skills and keep you on the cutting edge with the latest from Atlassian.

In other words, becoming an Atlassian Certified Professional not only means you will join the most elite group of Atlassian VIPs in the world, but it also means you’ll continue to be a top-notch Jira Admin throughout your entire career.

I was very happy to pass, but even if I didn’t, the prep time was valuable. I learned things I simply didn’t know and explored parts of the application I hadn’t touched in a while. The certification process as a whole made me a better Jira Administrator. – Rachel Wright, Atlassian Certified Jira Administrator

How to prepare

ACP exams are intended to be challenging, so here are some good places to start:

Download the Exam Topics and evaluate your readiness
Make sure you have hands-on practice across all the topics, paying particular attention to functionalities you work with less often. Get familiar with the differences between the Jira Cloud and Jira Server environments, and have a high-level awareness of other roles involved in maintaining Jira (e.g. system administrators, server administrators) and how this larger team works together. Practice makes perfect!

Take the Jira Administrator Exam Prep Course
This course will get you well on your way to success with the ACP Certification exam. You’ll learn what to expect from the exam, get in-depth guidance on how to focus your preparation, and hear technical discussion of key topics from the people who wrote the exam. The course includes a study guide based on four business cases that span all the exam topics, hands on lab exercises, and access to sample questions online.

Study, study, study
Set aside a few hours each week to study. Make a study group with other Atlassian users from your company, or visit your local Atlassian User Group for knowledge sharing with fellow admins from your city. For more study tips from someone who has taken (and passed!) the exam, check out this post from Rachel Wright, one of the first Atlassian Certified Jira Administrators.

If you feel stuck on any topics or want a refresher 

You can consult the Atlassian product documentation, or take advantage of our suite of Jira tutorials at Atlassian University.

Get Certified


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Become an Atlassian Certified Professional Jira Admin