We know that it can be tedious and time-consuming for IT agents to respond to repetitive requests. Even more so when the common responses used are created and tracked outside of Jira Service Desk. So, to help your IT agents respond quickly and efficiently, we’re excited to announce the launch of canned responses in Jira Service Desk Server.

Canned responses

Gone are the days of switching between tools, and endless copying and pasting. Canned responses allow you to create, edit and manage responses that can be used at anytime, directly from the view issue screen. Some typical examples of canned responses could be:

  • a request for more information from the customer
  • a short message confirming work is ongoing and the next update will be in 24 hours, or
  • a lengthy response asking a customer to accept terms and agreements before you continue with the work.

And because we’re all about teams here at Atlassian, all agents in your project have access to the saved canned responses, so your teammates can take advantage of your saved responses, and you can take advantage of theirs. Collaboration for the win!

Not sure what canned responses your team has set up? No worries! It’s easy to search for canned responses, so you don’t have to create a new one every-time. Not only will this help your team respond to customers in a consistent way, there is also less chance of error. And, with stats on usage, it’s easy to manage and maintain lists of canned responses to keep them relevant and up to date. You’ll always know what responses are popular, and what responses may need some attention.

Pro tip: You can use canned responses to add some personalization to your response by saving a signature as a canned response!

SLA copy configuration

Last month we released a bunch of SLA Improvements to make SLA timers easier to understand by displaying the time remaining in working months, weeks, and days. In the latest Jira Service Desk Server release, we’ve continued down the SLA improvements path. We know that project administrators need to set up lots of projects that have similar (or exactly the same) configurations, and manually recreating the SLA configuration for each project is time consuming and error prone. So, we’re excited to announce that project administrators can now copy over SLA configurations from existing projects with just a few clicks. It’s as easy as choosing the project you want to copy the configurations from and importing them. Viola!

Are you ready to get time back with canned responses and SLA copy configuration? Read the Jira Service Desk Server 3.8 release notes, start a free trial of Jira Service Desk Server, or jump straight into upgrading by pressing the big green button below. 🙂

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