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Jira has been redesigned into three purpose-built experiences for software, IT, and business teams. For those of you familiar with Jira, you may be thinking: Why’d they do that?

It turns out, software teams and business teams aren’t all that different. They both thrive on teamwork and collaboration. And, equally, if information is scattered, siloed, or hard to find, both types of teams go bonkers. Everyone likes transparency, whether you’re writing code or onboarding a new team member.

After 13 years of building software for software teams, we discovered that a third of our users were using Jira for non-software projects. This really piqued our curiosity, so we decided to find out more about these crazy folks and what they were doing. And here’s what we found out: not only were business teams like Marketing, HR, Legal, and Finance using Jira, but they were customizing workflows and making Jira their own. Lightbulb!

Rather than have business teams use a product built for software teams, why not build a product just for them?

Meet Jira Core.

What’s Jira Core?

Jira Core is a project and task management solution that every business person across an organization can use to plan, track, and report on work. That means everyone using the same system. Cool, right? We’ve taken the fundamental features that business teams love and optimized them to fit their needs. This is great for Jira admins, saving them time by reducing the need for customization work. Jira Core’s new business templates frees admins to more efficiently support multiple teams, projects, and workflows.

Key features:

Jira Core templates

New Business Templates

Do you have a content writer who wordsmiths blogs before they’re published? I know I do. Though every team has a different process, the need for clear communication is constant. Jira Core’s three business templates are a great place to start, and they can be customized to match the way your team works:

  • Task Management keeps track of simple tasks
  • Project Management organizes large projects like corporate website designs or employee training programs
  • Process Management manages recurring tasks like recruiting new employees or approving purchases

Jira Core notifications


Long gone are the days of one-sentence emails. @mentions give users the chance to notify team members when they have questions or need clarification on a task. You can also “watch” other people’s tasks to stay in the loop on other projects (and enhance your stalker skills). Use comments to keep feedback and decisions attached to the project details and never worry about who to CC again.

Jira Core product image

A single, detailed view

Jira Core becomes the central location for all project information. With a sidebar tailored to business projects, you get a single view where you can see the summary of how a project is progressing, the status, comments, shortcuts to relevant webpages or resources. There are also reports that give you insight into how the team is doing.

“Jira Core can be used for any business team to manage any type of project, no matter how big or small.”

Redefine teamwork

Jira Core is helping business teams all over the world go from this:

Workflow "before" illustration

To this:
Jira Core workflow

What kinds of teams can use it?

Jira Core can be used for any business team to manage any type of project, no matter how big or small.

Jira Core logo

  • Marketing teams can use Jira Core to manage review cycles for any type of collateral like webpages, blogs, and ad creatives
  • HR teams can use Jira Core to track the candidate recruitment process and organize tasks to onboard new employees
  • Finance teams can use Jira Core to stay within budget and review all purchases and even track the closing of financial books
  • Legal teams can use Jira Core to review documents like NDAs and Terms of Use and Privacy Policies before they get signed, approved, and shared

Jira Core – any business team, any project

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