The true cost of an agile transformation can be hard to measure, boiling down to a combination of process, people, and tools. As soon as an organization discovers a better way of working, the investments begin. First, you have to decide which framework or methodology works best for your teams; then, you spend time researching and getting buy-in, setting the stage for the cultural change required to adopt new ways of working. You spend countless hours training teams and adopting new processes – and that’s all before you even consider bringing in a tool to provide reporting and visibility across the entire organization.

Now, imagine that you’re not just trying to do this at a small organization, but one with tens of thousands of employees, hundreds of teams, and dozens of portfolios. This scenario requires investment on a much larger scale, and the idea of buying a tool on top of this investment can feel like an added expense with an unproven reward. Will the tool actually help the organization move faster, or will it overcomplicate new processes? Will it provide greater visibility that you can’t achieve on your own?

We understand both the challenges and rewards enterprises face when embarking upon an agile transformation and, while we know that a tool can never get you all the way there, we’ve seen measurable impact from customers who have implemented Jira Align as part of their transformation. That impact is captured in the Forrester Consulting Total Economic ImpactTM study for Atlassian Jira Align.

As outlined in the graphic, Forrester Consulting discovered that Jira Align delivers across four key benefit areas – improved PM productivity, reduced waste from better investment decisions, incremental revenue from faster time to market, and improved development team productivity. Additionally, the study found that Jira Align could deliver up to 340% ROI for our customers over a three-year period.

To learn more, check out the full study!

Agile transformations with measurable impacts? Jira Align does that!