What does this mean?! What does this mean?!


It’s that time of the year once again. The month that you get to grow a killer ‘stache to raise some dough and help highlight men’s health issuesspecifically prostate cancer and depression in men.

This year there’s a record 38 Atlassian Mo Bro’s participating from Sydney (donation page) and San Francisco (donation page). They’ve got a pretty good incentive…


Introducing the Atlassian Mo Bro’s

Movember 2010.jpg

It’s a double rainbow Mo

This year, Atlassian Co-founder, Scott Farquhar, gave all of us an added incentive to participate, and most importantly to raise as much money as possible.

“I’ll go bald for $10,000”

If as a company Atlassian raises $10,000 during Movember Scott promised he would shave his head, bald. That’s no small feat when you’ve got such a lush head of hair.

Well, we’re only halfway through the month and we’ve already hit that milestone. What else could Scott do?

“If you raise $15,000, I’ll get a mo-hawk”

That’s right folks, Scott’s promised he’ll take it one step further and sport a mo-hawk if Atlassian raises $15K.


Every dollar you donate becomes two dollars thanks to Atlassian’s ‘matched giving’ component of the Atlassian Foundation. Please help us change the face of men’s health, and Scotts!


We’ll keep on growing

Each year we give you the power to cast your vote for the People’s Choice Award for the Mo with the Most. This year’s no different, so stay tuned and in the meantime admire previous years’ winners.


It’s Movember @ Atlassian – Double Mo all the Way!