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Summit 2015 is happening! Co-CEOs Mike and Scott gave the opening keynote address today, and right now Summit 2015 attendees (2,600 strong) are in full breakout mode. Did you attend or watch the live-stream? Looking for some highlights? No worries, mate, we’ve got you covered.

1. Hipchat Connect

Hipchat is reinventing team chat. Again. Hipchat Connect launched in beta this morning. It’s Hipchat’s brand-new API that elevates Hipchat from a communication utility to a chat platform for informed decision-making.

Hipchat Connect brings the apps and services that run your business seamlessly into Hipchat, allowing you to not only gather information but send information back to your apps. By taking important actions with third party apps right in Hipchat, your team can be more productive. Think less context-switching, more team collaboration, and faster decision-making.

Explore all the new partners at

2. Jira and Confluence for iOS – mobile, mobile, mobile

Modern teams are mobile, and that means we had to rethink how they work. Nowadays mobile work gets done everywhere, on the go. Today Atlassian announced the limited preview of brand-new iOS apps for two flagship products – Jira and Confluence. Attendees of Atlassian Summit and other select customers will have an opportunity to obtain pre-release versions for installation on their own iOS devices.

Jira and Confluence for iOS were built to enable Atlassian customers to do more while working across multiple devices throughout their day. We designed these mobile experiences to help customers:

  • Stay Connected – not just to their own work, but to their teams through their activity
  • Act Quickly – so that as the pace of work accelerates, they can contribute meaningfully no matter where they are
  • See Relevant Content – so they can focus on the right things, and not be distracted by noise

500 beta slots are available for Summit attendees with a Cloud site and an iPhone:

And we’re just getting started. This is step one along a really exciting roadmap for our mobile apps that we want you to help shape. Please download the beta version of our iOS app and send us your thoughts and feedback for the next iteration. We’re on this journey together!

3. Jira Software

Jira has evolved into a tool that can meet the needs of software and non-software teams alike. The more Jira appealed to non-software teams, the more obvious it became to us that we needed customized Jira experiences for different kinds of teams.

Jira Software offers the same flexibility, extensibility, and deep developer tool integrations that Jira users have had for years. But now software teams can enjoy functionality for agile planning, tracking, releasing, and reporting delivered in one purpose-built experience. In other words, Jira Software is built specifically for the needs of software teams.

Check out the blog post introducing Jira Software.

4. Jira Core

Jira has been redesigned into three purpose-built experiences for software, IT, and business teams.

Jira Core is a project and task management solution that every business person across an organization can use to plan, track, and report on work. We’ve taken the fundamental features that business teams love and optimized them to fit their needs. This is great for Jira admins, saving them time by reducing the need for customization work.

Check out the blog post introducing Jira Core.

5. Introducing the Health Monitor

Atlassian’s mission is to unleash the power of teams. The Health Monitor is something we hope will help your teams perform better. Use the Health Monitor system to assess the health of your project – and, more important, your project team – at any time. Pull your team together for an hour-long Health Monitor checkpoint in the first days or weeks of a project. Use this initial checkpoint to ask the questions below, and give team members a chance to rate the project attributes green, yellow, or red. Use this system to take your team’s pulse and keep good projects from going bad.

What are the 8 attributes of successful projects?

  1. The project has a full-time owner.
  2. The project team is balanced.
  3. The team has a shared understanding.
  4. The project’s value and metrics are clear.
  5. The project has an end-to-end demo.
  6. The project has a “readme.”
  7. The project’s dependencies are clear.
  8. The project has velocity.

6. Room to Read and Pledge 1%

Room to Read is a wonderful charity whose goal is to help communities in developing countries rise out of poverty through education. By partnering with them, we’ve reached more than 250,000 children! Learn more about the Atlassian foundation.

Pledge 1% is a movement dedicated to making the world a better place by inspiring, fostering, and celebrating early stage corporate philanthropy. In December of 2014, we came together with Salesforce and Rally based on our shared passion for giving back and co-founded the Pledge 1% movement. We set a goal of getting 500 companies to pledge 1% equity, employee time, or product by this December and… we’re at 500 pledges today! That’s 500 companies that have pledged their commitment to share their success with their communities.

And today, 10 more companies joined the Pledge 1% movement. Thank you so much for your commitment to making the community a key stakeholder in your businesses. We are proud to partner with you.

We’re listening

Atlassian is about the power of teams. You, our customers, are an integral part of our team and we want you to know we’re listening. We receive 15,000 pieces of feedback per month… and we want more. Keep talking to us. We’re on this journey together and your input is invaluable to our products and our mission.


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