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Companies are riding the data wave to influence how they develop their organization and get work done. In turn, Atlassian Data Center products are expanding your data capabilities. For many organizations, our products are a critical component of their success and become treasure troves of data on how work gets done, organizational health, and more. Data pipeline for Data Center enables organizations to extend the usage of this data outside of the product and turn it into a competitive advantage.

Data pipeline for Data Center

Data pipeline provides more than just data – it provides you with the ability to turn your data into actionable insights and trends.


According to Gartner, by 2023, data literacy will become an explicit and necessary driver of business value, demonstrated by its formal inclusion in over 80% of data and analytics strategies and change management programs.

To attain this data, you can easily configure your Data Center instance(s) to create a snapshot of your system on a regular basis for ingestion into your organization’s data and reporting infrastructure, or simply use the files as-is directly in Tableau and PowerBI. This creates a direct line of sight into the inner workings of your organization and teams. Integrating with powerful BI tools enables you to interpret your raw data into insights and trends seamlessly, which determine areas for optimization and where you should double down efforts; informs forward-looking strategies; and enables you to track progress along the way to ensure maintained success.

While the sky’s the limit as to how you can leverage your data (insights can vary depending on which product you’re using), we know that many customers are particularly interested in learning how work is getting done and the state of organizational health. Here are two powerful use cases demonstrating how data pipeline can be leveraged to improve an organization.

Investment allocation

Boost security with advanced auditing for Data Center

Whether you’re a project manager looking to improve your project schedules, a team leader trying to prevent burnout, or an executive hoping to optimize revenue via human capital, understanding the investment of your resources (especially your talent/workforce) is critical. Data pipeline allows you to easily identify that critical data that can be harder to determine at the enterprise level, such as all the projects that each team is allocated to, what the allocation per project is, and the percentage of total work that projects are consuming. With this information, you’ll be equipped with the necessary information to make informed decisions, have the capability to continually track the impacts of those decisions, and identify important trends.


Predictability represents the net flow of issues across a team and can be used as a measurement of a team’s focus on the project at hand (one of the best things about highly predictable teams is that they favor completed work over in-progress work). So, anything that helps leaders develop more predictable teams is a highly sought-after strategy. With data pipeline, organizations have access to information to help set limits on work in progress, resolve impediments, reduce item size, and more, all of which develops more predictable teams.

Pre-built templates for Jira Software Data Center

Sync Jira Software Data Center to Tableau or PowerBI and instantly deliver reports on key DevOps metrics.

Unlock the full potential of your organization

Successful organizations sit on the shoulders of great teams, and great teams continually improve the way they work to deliver better outcomes. With consistent access to an array of data across your products, data pipeline provides you with the necessary tools and capabilities to understand, optimize, and unlock the full potential of your organization.

Bringing data to the forefront of your decisions