Introducing One Atlassian

TLDR : One Atlassian is now available to Marketplace Partners

  • With One Atlassian, you can provide your customers with a consistent connected experience for all your apps across all Atlassian products
  • One Atlassian includes:
    • A cloud demo site with pre-populated data creating a simplified demo setup for Marketplace Partners.
    • Solution guides for the cloud platform across all solution areas – Agile & Dev Ops, ITSM, and Work Management.
    • Extra features available for custom configuration.
    • A foundation guide to easily understand the configuration of your One Atlassian cloud site.

Request your One Atlassian cloud site, install your app on the site & start demoing

What is One Atlassian?

One Atlassian is a toolkit designed for you and your customers to engage and interact as part of the demo experience. It includes:

  • Pre-configured, end-to-end, cloud site: A cloud demo site with pre-populated data making it easier for marketplace partners to setup demos for customers or workshops
  • Streaming data: Streaming data that mimics human interactions with our products to emulate complex decision-making and real-time dashboarding
  • Experience the art of the possible at scale: A wide range of solution guides that include value propositions, customer personas, scripts, and enablement videos across our solution areas – Agile & DevOps, ITSM, and Work Management

Using One Atlassian, you can provide a consistent connected experience for all your apps across all Atlassian products to your customers.

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How Marketplace Partners can benefit from One Atlassian?

As Atlassian moves towards platform-based solutions and a comprehensive Way of Working approach – across Agile& DevOps, IT Service Management, and Work Management), our Marketplace Partners are shifting their apps (as well as some services) towards that direction as well.

With One Atlassian, you have the opportunity to quickly demo your app synergies with Atlassian’s apps to existing and future customers.

You can request your One Atlassian cloud site and within a few hourswithout any time investment or approval requirementsyou get a fully loaded One Atlassian site.

The site includes Atlassian products, features, and customizations already embedded for your demo.

You will notice that One Atlassian will have a positive impact on the following:

  • Cloud migrations
  • Customers acknowledge the added venue of BTF apps in cloud
  • Revenue measured through ARR/MRR – Mitigate churn and drive your app customer retention
  • Upsell and cross-sell opportunities – Driving customer stickiness through bundled offerings

What do you get when you use One Atlassian?

One Atlassian cloud site


Easily request your cloud site for your customer demo

One Atlassian solutions library


Solution guides across solution areas – In-built scenarios to refer, expand, customize, and share with the customer

One Atlassian extra features


Extra good stuff that you may want to configure to your cloud site

One Atlassian foundation guide


Configuration details about One Atlassian cloud sites

Requesting the One Atlassian cloud site

  2. Enter your desired cloud site name.
  3. Chill out for a few hours or maybe on other stuff!
  4. Track your ticket to learn more. In a few hours*, your cloud site will be ready and delivered through your email.
  5. Install your app on your site.

* Users have reported speedy turnaround times as a program perk. Try it for yourself.

What is the One Atlassian Solutions library?

One Atlassian Solutions library offers a catalog of solution guides with customer-centric scenarios that demonstrate how Atlassian solutions help customers navigate through specific business challenges, create work efficiencies, and enhance the value of their teams.

Read more about solution guide philosophy.

Apps are an integral part of any customer solution. Using the solution guides, you can utilize the stories, scenarios, user personas, and talking points to deliver a comprehensive demo that showcases your app’s functionality within Atlassian products.

The solution guides also doubles as educational material suited for self-learning.

Empowering your teams to work smarter is the best investment to make for your organization.

Agile & DevOps

It Service Management

Work Management

Each Solution Guide includes:

  • Business Overview: Providing an overview of the business challenges and opportunities that leaders are interested in.
  • Business Solution: Highlighting specific business issues and concerns that customers may be grappling with or undiagnosed needs that require awareness and attention.
  • Demo Solution: Proposing a solution that may help resolve customer issues and create new opportunities for growth.
  • Demo Video: Preview into the demo – watch it, share it, and talk about it with your customers.
  • Demo Script: Talking points and click paths that you can use during your conversation with the customer.

If you’ve questions that haven’t been answered in this blog, check out the FAQ

Request your One Atlassian cloud site, install your app on the site & start demoing

Enhance your customer demo experience with One Atlassian