Thank you to everyone who participated in Codegeist 2020. Codegeist is Atlassian’s longstanding remote hackathon where participants build innovative applications for their favorite Atlassian tools. This year, we got to see our developer community in action during our biggest ever Codegeist – with over 1,300 participants, 300 app submissions and $315k in prizes. Each submission solved for key challenges: from productivity to project management, to DevOps for distributed teams and even ways to manage your favorite craft beer selections. The focus and dedication to build production-ready apps in just eight weeks paired with the creativity and passion behind each app is inspiring, especially during the unprecedented times we live in today.

Build with heart and balance

At the core of everything we build at Atlassian is the reminder to tackle important challenges with passion and urgency, while taking a step back to consider options fully and with care. This helps us strive for the best possible customer experiences. Codegeist provides unique opportunities for developers to learn about our products, build on our platform, and improve upon the tools tens of millions of users rely on every single day. This year, we were also able to use Codegeist as a testing ground for Forge, our new cloud app development platform. Developers can now build trusted, scalable apps in minutes while Forge takes care of infrastructure and security. With 132 Forge submissions and a whole lot of new solutions, we’re more confident than ever about our decision to build a new way to develop cloud apps.

Many former (and current!) Codegeist participants have also built successful businesses by listing their Codegeist submissions, both apps and integrations, on the Atlassian Marketplace. This transformation of developers into entrepreneurs has helped the Marketplace reach an important milestone of $1B in lifetime sales – a feat that has only been possible because of our community of more than 25,000 developers.

Building on this momentum, I’m excited to share the winners of Codegeist 2020. It’s clear that each submission was built with heart and balance, and an effort to creatively solve for a variety of use cases.

And now, the winners

We were looking for apps in two tracks:

  • Built with Connect: Production-ready apps and integrations for Atlassian Cloud tools, including Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket
  • Built with Forge: Trusted, scalable apps enabling developers to try out our new cloud app development platform

And for bonus prizes, participants were even able to use the Trello customization platform to build Trello Power-Ups. Each submission was evaluated based on its strengths in three key areas:

  1. Quality: The creativity and originality of the idea
  2. Implementation: How well the idea was executed
  3. Potential impact: The extent to which the solution can help the most Atlassian users

The winners will share $315,000 in cash prizes, along with receiving official Atlassian Developer swag packs given to all eligible submitters. ✨

Built with Connect

Grand prize ($55,000)

Meetical for Confluence Cloud

Meetical for Confluence is a meeting management tool that allows teams to enhance meeting planning, documentation, and review, through seamless integration with popular third-party calendars like Google Calendar and Outlook.

Second place ($43,000)

Lively Recorder for Confluence

Lively Recorder for Confluence enables teams to create audio, video and screen recordings directly from Confluence.

Third place ($33,000)

ZenRPA Triager for Jira

ZenRPA Triager for Jira makes it easy for teams to build simple triage flows without code.

Fourth place ($22,000)

Microsoft Teams for Jira

Microsoft Teams for Jira enables teams to start conversations and join discussions directly in a Jira issue.

Fifth place ($12,000)

Pair Up

Pair Up helps remote teams address their Jira issues efficiently by leveraging tribal knowledge held within their organization.

Honorable mentions ($5,000 each)

Built with Forge

Grand prize ($20,000)

Scrum Maister

Scrum Maister is an intelligent helper that revolutionizes agile development through AI-powered issue grooming, sprint analytics and retrospectives.

Second place ($15,000)

Visualize with AWS

Visualize with AWS enables users to use a variety of declarative diagram rendering engines, such as Vega/Vega-Lite, PlantUML, Mermaid, and Graphviz, to visualize any kind of data.

Third place ($10,000)

Predictions for Jira

Predictions for Jira uses deep learning to predict the type and priority of a Jira issue based on the issue title.

Honorable mentions ($1,000 each)

Plus, the top 100 Forge submissions will each receive $500.

Bonus prizes

Best open source Forge app ($5,000)

Prototyper: Create interactive prototypes in Jira issues without an external tool

Best app for remote working ($5,000)

Board Mirror (by Placker): Automatically link and sync cards across Trello boards

Best app for remote DevOps ($5,000)

DEVsheds: Instant workspaces for teams to build and run code

Best Jira app ($5,000)

ZenRPA Triager for Jira: Build simple triage flows without code

Best Trello Power-Up ($5,000)

Screenful Reports: Create fully customizable reports from Trello data

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks again to everyone who participated in Codegeist 2020!

Curious to see all the apps that were submitted? Check out the Codegeist submissions gallery.

Let’s keep moving forward

Forge and Codegeist 2020 are the first of many exciting ecosystem announcements coming from the Atlassian Developer Platform team in the coming months. For the latest, head to the Atlassian Developer Community and follow us @atlassiandev.

We’ll be back soon with another Codegeist, but that doesn’t mean you should wait to build your next app. Get some inspiration from the apps that were built for Codegeist 2020, and build production-ready apps with Connect or get started with Forge.

We can’t wait to see what you build next. ❤️

Announcing the winners of Codegeist 2020