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You may think Confluence is only for creating written content, like reports, memos, and documentation. But, in reality, that’s only a fraction of what it can do. With the help of Atlassian Marketplace apps, Confluence can also help you manage large amounts of data on how your customers are engaging with your brand or on the work your employees are doingAnd at a time when more digital data is being created per day than ever before, why wouldn’t you want an app that could help handle some of it for you?

Data is created nearly every time you go on the internet, even when you do something as small as liking a Facebook post. In 2012, an IDC Digital Universe study found that 44 trillion gigabytes of data were being created each day online. But the study also found that only .5 percent of that data that exists actually gets analyzed.

That’s where Confluence data apps can help. No, they won’t help you analyze all 44 trillion gigabytes of data that are out there. But they will help you to track new data, organize data in spreadsheets and analyze data more efficiently. Then you’ll be on your way to better understanding your customers, products and employees. Here are a few new data apps that can help get you started.

Google Analytics

Is the content that you’re creating on Confluence truly engaging? It’s a difficult question to answer. Especially if you don’t know how many people are looking at it or how long they’re reading.

That’s where Google Analytics for Confluence Cloud comes in. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using Confluence as a CMS to publish content to your website or using it as an intranet to create internal memos, reports, and training materials. This free data app will help you determine whether or not the content that you’re creating in Confluence is effective for your audience. It’ll collect and visualize data on your pages, including:

  • Total views
  • Unique views
  • Average time on page
  • Bounce rate
  • Exit rate
  • New sessions created from page

Once you download the app, you’ll just need to click on the configure button that will appear in your page and enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID. Then you’re on you’re way to getting the information you need to create more engaging content –– no matter who you’re creating it for.


Download Google Analytics for Confluence Cloud

DataView for Confluence

Staying organized when you’re handling large amounts of data is always challenging. But DataView for Confluence can make it a little easier.

DataView for Confluence will help you transform your pages into interactive databases in just two minutes. With this data app, you can import an Excel spreadsheet of up to 50,000 cells into Confluence. From there you can then:

  • Easily search data
  • Sort and filter results
  • Export results

The app takes a lot of the work out of organizing your data. Not to mention, it helps you keep all your information in one place and eliminates the need to switch between Confluence and other spreadsheet programs, like Excel, Google Spreadsheets or Numbers.

Download DataView for Confluence

Quantify AI

Attention all Human Resources teams: What if you never had to manually log employee hours again?

Quantify AI automates time sheets so that this time-consuming process becomes something that you just don’t have to worry about. The app tracks employee attendance and breaks down hours spent on individual projects –– all from Confluence. Using artificial intelligence, it analyzes available data and automatically categorizes the type of work taking place in your office.

This advanced technology allows Quantify AI to perform functions that other time tracking apps can’t. For example, it can tell you how much time employees spent working on research and development to determine if your company is eligible for an R&D tax credit claim. It can also help measure employee performance and manage your budget for you.

  Download DataView for Confluence

We hope that these apps will help you to take some of the trouble out of dealing with data. To find out more about how apps can enhance your Confluence experience, check out Atlassian Marketplace.

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