Work doesn’t only happen at your desk—ideas you want to capture can pop into your head wherever you are. When you visit customers and get new insights, you might want to update your project requirements. Maybe you need to jot down the outcomes of a meeting.

In the past, you’ve had to wait until you’ve opened your laptop or desktop to create or update a page. It’s not surprising, then, that create and edit is our most highly requested feature after browsing spaces on mobile. We’re happy to announce that, with the latest update to Confluence Cloud for iPhone, you can complete your work by creating and editing content wherever you are, whenever you want.


Create and edit from the palm of your hand

Add and update content on your mobile device with fast and simple editing on the go. Now, you can edit existing content based on the current formatting on the page. And, when you create a page, you can use our simple editor to enter text.


While you’re there, you can restrict page access to just yourself or make them available to others.


How to use the create & edit feature in Confluence for iPhone:

  • Capture an idea: When you want to “brain-dump” on the go
  • Jot down your thoughts: Summarize the outcomes of a meeting
  • Edit pre-existing content: Add new product requirements, user stories, or update a tech spec.

This is only the first version of this new feature, with lots more to come. Here’s what you can expect to see from us in the future:

  • Tasks: Create, assign, and check them off
  • Files: Upload images and attachments
  • Editor formatting: Bullets, numbered lists, and headings
  • @mentions: Bring others into your work by mentioning them
  • Page restrictions: Add and remove people
  • Moving pages

Give create and edit on your mobile a try, and let us know how you use it. We love hearing your stories, and your feedback! Drop us an email at Download Confluence for iPhone today!


We’re also working on create and edit features for the Android app, available on Google Play.


Create & edit from wherever you are with Confluence Cloud for iPhone