Growth. It’s everyone’s favorite problem to have. Hitting resource limits, losing track of processes, inefficient collaboration, security risks, and user management problems are some of the issues teams can face when scaling their continuous integration. Our mission is to make tools that can support software teams all the way through the growth process, from the first line of code to continuous releases.

With that mission in mind, we are excited to be offering 250 build agents and the release of Bamboo 5.11 with new features. Ready to update now? Click below or read on to learn more about this release and how it can help your team grow efficiently.

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Need more build agents? We’ve got 250 for you

If you are running a large and growing Bamboo instance for all your builds and deployments, you might have already reached – or will soon reach – the license limit of 100 remote agents. Though 100 up and running build agents is sufficient in many cases, we’re well aware that there may be times when all of your agents are at work and you can not wait for a free build agent. There might be a critical bug to fix and deploy, or you might have hundreds of slow-running tests grouped into 100 nodes which can keep agents busy for hours.

We know how that limitation feels, so with Bamboo 5.11 you can now support up to 250 agents. In Elastic Bamboo all traffic sent between the agents located in EC2 and the Bamboo server goes through an SSL encrypted tunnel. We highly recommend our Elastic Bamboo users to use VPC when scaling up to 250 agents as it allows eliminating the need of tunneling.


Improved diagnostics, better integrations

One of the key benefits of using Atlassian products is the flow of information between the tools, such as the ability to follow an issue through the whole pipeline, or see build results next to pull requests in Bitbucket. This connection, which is set up via application links, gives full visibility into what’s going on at each stage without forcing anyone to leave the tools they are most comfortable with. As teams grow and projects increase, it becomes more important to have traceability and be able to catch and fix connection issues quickly.

We’ve put a lot of effort into making the health check of your existing connections easier in this release. Bamboo 5.11 has an updated version of application links with a newly designed UI and a built-in diagnostics tool. On the new application links page you can spot which integrations are broken, and then use the diagnostics tool to advise you how to fix and get them running again.

For more in-depth information, check out our updated troubleshooting guides. They cover all you need to know about the root causes and solutions of each issue.

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REST for deployments

In previous versions of Bamboo, triggering deployment projects was possible after successful completion of build plans, stages, other deployments, or by scheduling triggers to make them run at a certain time. In order to provide more flexibility and improve your continuous delivery experience, we’ve made it possible to use REST APIs to trigger deployment projects in Bamboo 5.11. You can connect all your CI servers together and run the deployments via a single Bamboo instance, or automatically re-provision the hardware before the app is deployed when integrating with Puppet or Chef.

New admin permissions, and more

To better control the number of repositories created in Bamboo, you can count on a new user permission called repository admin permission. Users with this permission are able to create new repositories, while others can only use the already existing repositories.

Last but not least, we are starting to support Oracle 12 and Microsoft SQL Server 2014 from this release.

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Needless to say, more build agents mean stronger delivery workflows. The ability to expand your line of agents to 250 provides a solid growth path for your scaling CI pipeline. Combine that with the strength of one of the best continuous delivery tools out there – if not the best – and get your builds and deployments running with confidence and ease.

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