The Bamboo 5.10 release is about saving more time and energy by improving visibility in your continuous delivery pipeline, and making those customized agents in the cloud steady. It’s now possible to see Bamboo build statuses in Bitbucket for both cloud and server users. With this feature, you’ll spend a lot less time switching between tools looking for the results of that last sensitive commit. Build results appear in context – next to pull requests, commits, and branches – and are linked to the matching Bamboo builds.

Our other focus – in addition to making the Bamboo ~ Bitbucket connection more friendly – was enabling the use of remote agents in Bamboo Cloud. We are thrilled to announce that this feature is implemented – You asked, we delivered! – and you can now bring your very own agents to the cloud. Using remote agents brings more flexibility to both new and existing users. It’s more secure, makes “dockerizing” and customizing agents easier, and there is no need for an AWS account to start a new Bamboo Cloud instance.

Like what you’ve read so far? Read on to learn more about the bundled-in awesomeness of this release.

Bring your own agents

Bamboo Server allows using any and all types of agents. You have the choice of running as many local, remote, or elastic agents as you need, in any mix and match style. In Bamboo Cloud, though, elastic agents were the only option up to this release. In an effort to simplify our agent set-up process, and serve our iOS | OSX developer family, support for remote agents is now implemented in Bamboo Cloud.

With this new feature, there is no need for an extra self-hosted Bamboo or different build servers for iOS | OSX development. You no longer have to worry about AWS usage costs, or creating an AWS account to run Bamboo Cloud in the first place. And, it’s more secure when connecting agents to your internal servers and resources.

If you are a new user and are planning to bring your own agents, all you need to do is sign up for Bamboo Cloud and select “Set up remote agent” from the following screen:


If you’re already a cloud user, and are excited to use this feature, select “Install remote agent” from under the Agents page:


Build Status in Bitbucket Cloud

One of the main advantages of using Atlassian tools is the seamless integration between all products. It helps setting up a strong pipeline, and provides full visibility across and within teams. As part of our mission to improve the flow of information in Atlassian Clouds, we’ve made Bamboo push build updates to Bitbucket Cloud.

With this feature in place, cloud users can now benefit from the same smooth workflow that server users do. If you’re working in Bitbucket Cloud, don’t switch and search for build results, stay there and count on Bamboo to send you the build results of pull requests, commits, or those critical bug-fixing branches:


If you’re a Bamboo Cloud user, enjoy the improved Bitbucket integration, and bring your own agents… for at least a test ride! And if you haven’t tried Bamboo yet, now is the perfect time to give it a try. Bring your own agents for an easier onboarding experience and start a free trial!

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