We’re very excited to announce the release of Bamboo 5.13 that closes out some of the top-voted features by our community. This release should help your team have full control over deployment environments, agents, and the configuration of these requirements.

What’s new in this release?

Deployment requirements

In previous versions of Bamboo, deployment environments could either be executed by an agent at runtime that satisfies specific deployment capabilities or by using a dedicated agent. Relying on agents at runtime means you have limited to no visibility of which agent will run your deployment. On the other hand, having a dedicated agent to run a specific deployment environment gives you some control and visibility, but at the cost of deployment speed. Because these dedicated agents are idle and excluded from running other jobs in the queue, that means your deployments will be slower.

Now, you have the ability to manually add custom requirements to your deployment environment so they can accurately match up with agents without the need to dedicate these agents.


For example, say you have 100 agents and 100 deployment environments, and one of these deployment environments requires a secret key to be executed. Let’s assume only five agents have that key to your production instance. You have 2 options to run the job. The first option is to dedicate these 5 agents and exclude them from the pool of agents (which means that you only have 95 to run other jobs). The other, more efficient option is to manually add the secret key as a deployment requirement so it will match up with the capable agents while these agents can still run other jobs in the queue.


Pro tip: The new deployment requirements feature provides you with full control over the process of matching up environments with agents – All in the same screen.

SSH support for Bitbucket Cloud repository

As many of our customers use Bitbucket Cloud as part of their workflow, our team has focused on streamlining the user experience so it’s easy to authenticate and connect to code bases faster and improve the overall continuous integration and development process. One of the major improvements is adding the SSH private key authentication type where users can easily choose to authenticate using shared authentication or using their own custom SSH key.

Pro tip: Use Bamboo alongside Jira Software and Bitbucket for a fully traceable deployment pipeline.


In addition, we have made it easy to test your connection before loading your repositories. Now, by clicking the “Test Connection” button, you’ll quickly be notified of any connection issues.

Bamboo 5.13 is here: Deployment requirements and SSH authentication.

Where to go from here

Update to Bamboo 5.13 today and explore the new deployment requirement features and SSH support for Bitbucket Cloud to start speeding up your CI and deployment process. As always, we encourage you to provide your input and feedback on the latest release of Bamboo.

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Bamboo 5.13 is here: deployment requirements and S...