“Someone told me that Atlassian is really a t-shirt company disguised by selling software.”

– a customer tweet

Atlassian ShirtIt’s true. In 10 years in business, we’ve printed over 400 t-shirt designs, a few of which have become cult classics. No one ever comments when I wear my Armani shirt, but every time I’m sporting an Angry Nerds t-shirt, someone asks me where I got it from.

Finally, after years of fooling the public that we were just a tech company, the disguise is coming off.

Introducing… swag.atlassian.com

New store, fresh design, modern swag and original t-shirts (and don’t worry, a few of us are still developing software on the side).

We’ve always had a store, but it lacked the ‘proud’ factor. It was an out-of-the-box solution that just got the job done. No frills, nothing fancy. As time went on and we looked for a better solution, we took into account the storefront, shirt and print quality, promotional product options, coupon code requirements, warehousing and shipping. Interestingly enough, we looked no further than Powertex, the company that has been printing our shirts since the beginning.

Enter to win free swag!

To kick things off we’re offering free swag to those who help us promote AtlassianSwag! There are two ways you can enter the drawing to win swag from our new store:

  1. Tweet – Follow us on Twitter @atlassian and tweet the exact message found here. We will randomly pick 10 winners in two days, on 22 Feb 2013 after noon Pacific time, to win a shirt. The winners will be direct messaged.
  2. Photo – Within the next week, by 27 Feb 2013 noon Pacific time, submit a photo of you wearing an Atlassian shirt with something cool or unique in the background. The 5 best photos will be picked as winners.

Rules (the fine print)

Tweet rules

  • You must be following Atlassian’s Twitter account @atlassian
  • You must tweet this message before 22 Feb 2013, two days from today at noon Pacific time
  • Only tweet/retweet once. If you tweet/retweet more, you are disqualified (per Twitter guidelines)
  • We will direct message you after 22 Feb 2013 at noon Pacific time if you have won

Photo rules

  • You must submit at least one photo of you wearing an Atlassian shirt to enter the drawing
  • You have 1 week from today, until 27 Feb 2013 noon Pacifici time, to submit your photo. The form will not be available after this time.
  • The shirt must be clearly visible as an Atlassian shirt and not obstructed by any objects
  • We will email you if you have won after 27 Feb 2013 at noon Pacific time

General rules

  • You may enter the contest with both methods (Tweet and Photo) to raise your chance of being selected
  • The coupon codes given out will be redeemable only on swag.atlassian.com for a single shirt, free shipping
  • By submitting a photo, you agree that we may use it publicly for marketing purposes such as in websites, blogs or other promotional assets

Win swag from AtlassianSwag, the swankiest swag store on the Internet