This is a guest blog post by Amanda Susini of Valiantys. In this post Amanda will explain the SQLFeed plugin, how it integrates with Jira, and why you should give it a try.



When 3 customers come to you with similar problems that a generic solution can resolve.

Jira is a pretty damn good product we all know that, and it’s so versatile there seems to be no limit to the many different uses people make of it. However as always when you’ve got a fab product in your hands you want it to do more!

At Valiantys we witnessed just that with more and more of our customers coming back to us with “That’s great, but can I import the customer details from my CRM into the Jira issue? or “Ok , so how do I pull across this information in my Jira issues” and “It would be a real gain if I could also display my Service Catalog…”

Clearly for us it was time to bridge the gap between Jira and external databases.

The SQLFeed plugin was created to dramatically increase the integration possibilities of Jira within our customer’s information systems. SQLFeed enables the import of values into Jira issues from any database. Queries can be made to any internal or external database with the results displayed in multi-level cascading select fields in a Jira issue. Yep, we think it’s pretty cool and our customers tell us it’s even cooler when you start using it!

Now thanks to SQLFeed they can query their CMDB (Configuration Management DataBase) to display technical information in their issues, their Service Desk can display their Service Catalog, and other now link to their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to display commercial information in their issues…


SQLFeed brings to Jira three brand new Custom Fields SQL ComboBox, SQL Cascading Select and SQL Query Picker.

  • SQL Cascading Select offers you natively three levels of selection.
  • SQL Combo Box and the hierachy function allow you to create endless multi-cascading selections.
  • SQL Query Picker to select data from a huge recordset.

You can define dependencies between the two Custom Fields (“SQL Combo Box”, “SQL Cascading Select”) and create infinite cascading selections.

mockup_Two Children.pngmockup_Two parents.pngmockup_N levels.png








SQLFeed is a powerful plugin that makes your Jira even better:

  • Values can be selected from any database on your network
  • Parent dependencies from other Jira Custom Fields can be defined
  • The rendering of selected values in the SQL Cascading Select and SQL Combo Box Custom Fields can be defined
  • The administration interface facilitates the configuration of your query (no more Jira stop & start)
  • All the Custom Fields are searchable.
  • Embedded control statements Velocity in your query

Here are four very classical use cases of SQLFeed:

    • Select a client name stored in an external CRM database,
    • Select a supervisor or preferred assignee for a specific group in a Jira issue,

Select a knowledge ticket in a Jira project KM based on two criterias, the software name and the component name,

  • Select a project with its component and its version in a Jira Helpdesk ticket

Our thanks to Morgan for his help with the Atlassian SQLFeed webinar back in April, if you missed it you can see the video on Atlassian TV.

For more details on use cases, documentation or to download the plugin:

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