We have a very generous community of people around Jira &Confluence who have been willing to share their development efforts with the rest of us. So we wanted to stop and highlight some the great work that our Developer Network is doing to extend and enhance the products during the last few weeks.


  • Chart Plugin: David Petersen contributed a great new plugin that allows you to create simple charts from data on your Confluence pages. If you’ve ever wanted an easy way to insert pretty charts into your Confluence pages without resorting to Excel, you’re going to love this. And with this plugin, your data stays live and editable instead of frozen into a graphic or an attachment. (Bonus: since I started writing this post, Bob Swift has already jumped in and added even more capabilities to the Chart plugin! That’s the Developer Network in action.)
  • Wiki Importer (with Twiki Support): We’ve released an enhanced version of our Wiki Import tool. Thanks to the contribution of one of our users, the importer now supports TWiki as well as JSPWiki. And it has been refactored to be easy to add support for other wiki formats in the future. There will be more to come, I’m sure. (I’d show you a screenshot of this also, but it’s awfully hard to find an interesting screenshot of a command-line program.)


  • Agile Tracking Plugin: Jon Pither released a set of reports that make it easier to track agile development with Jira.
  • Jira Dashboard for Eclipse: Brock Janiczak contributed a new, free Eclipse plugin that allows you to manipulate Jira issues without ever leaving Eclipse. (We also have a similar plugin for IDEA as well.)
  • Multi-issue Searcher: And we also added a new field to the Jira Toolkit. It allows you to specify an arbitrary list of issues for an issue filter and manage that list. You can now define totally custom filters containing any set of issues you want, just by entering the issue keys.
  • Issue Participants Plugin: We’re also shipping a new custom field in the Jira Toolkit called “participants” which will show you the names of everyone who has reported, commented on, worked on, or transitioned an issue during its lifetime. It makes it easy to know whom to ask when you have a question.

Thanks to the efforts of these talented developers, Confluence and Jira can do more than you ever knew! There are tons of other great plugins out there, so be sure to check out the Jira Plugin Library and the Confluence Plugin Library.
Should you have the need, it’s easy to develop new plugins. The Developer Network homepage has all the resources you’ll need to get started.
If you have an idea for a plugin you’d like to see, but aren’t able to develop it yourself, you can post suggestions on the Plugin Wishlist.
And If you have already developed a plugin of you own, why not share it with the community? Harness the power of the Developer Network to move your project forward faster! If you have questions, or would like to find out about hosting your plugin project with us, contact developer-support@atlassian.com

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