ShipIt daysHave you or your team created a cool hack with Atlassian products? Have you customized it in a completely different way that will knock off our socks? Tell us about it!

At Atlassian, we have a quarterly tradition here called ShipIt. It’s 24 hours to step away from our day jobs and work on anything that inspires us: a dream feature, a nemesis bug, anything that we can dream up. This is our 20% time on steroids and it’s part of our DNA.

We take the best of our ShipIt projects and present them at Atlassian Summit, our annual conference. We’ll be doing the same this year, except we don’t want to be the only ones talking about the cool $#!^  that we’ve done. Our customers come up with some of the most interesting and innovative projects we’ve seen and we want to feature those projects this year alongside the best of Atlassian’s ShipIt projects.

So tell us about a neat hack, a crazy customization, or an innovative Atlassian project you’ve done and you may get a chance to present alongside fellow Atlassians at Summit. If you’re chosen to present at Summit, you’ll get a free Summit ticket, some special swag, and serious nerd cred.

The submission process is simple. Send me an email ( by September 19th and include:

  • What you’ve done
  • What problem you attempted to solve
  • Why it’s so cool

We’ll let you know in early October if you’re chosen to present at Summit.



What’s your ShipIt project?...