Atlassian now has over 10,000 customers! Not only is this a pretty cool milestone to pass, but it happened on February 16th, almost to the day of Atlassian’s sixth birthday. We’ve come a long way over the past six years, from a couple of developers furiously developing Jira on their own, to now offering a suite of development tools and having a staff of over 150 employees dedicated to producing some kick-ass software, all while holding onto the values that have made Atlassian what it is.
And with that in mind we’d like to congratulate Deseret Morning News for doing the honors of helping us reach that milestone! Deseret is using both Jira and Fisheye. I asked Charlie Crain, Deseret’s Director of Interactive Media about choosing Atlassian and here’s what he had to say:
Why did you choose Jira?
We chose Jira after talking to many local companies that use it for their projects and link it with Subversion.

Since this is your first time buying Jira and Fisheye, how do you intend to use them within your organization?

We are using Jira now planning projects and setting schedules. We have even included plug-ins like the Calendar. It’s far better than emailing project information and attachments. We haven’t really used all the features yet, but we learn new things every day.
How many users will you have on Jira?
Right now we have five users that are developers but we might even have editors in new media add ideas, or issues within Jira.

As our 10,000th customer, we’ve sent Charlie some nifty Atlassian swag. If you’re interested in purchasing Atlassian t-shirts, mugs or other Atlassian branded products, visit our online store.

A New Milestone — 10,000 Customers and Count...