Ready to pimp out your Atlassian products, interconnect them, or create a custom plugin? Then you should join us for our new webinar series: Voice of the Customer and Plugin of the Month.
Each month, we’ll feature a different customer and different plugin developer to tell you a little about their business and demonstrate how they’re using and/or customized our products or product plugins.
The Voice of the Customer webinar series is geared at highlighting how our customers use our products. Many of our customers ask for “best practices” on how to squeeze the most value from our products, and this webinar series seeks to address their needs. The webinars are about customers, for customers, much like our popular Atlassian User Groups.
The Plugin of the Month webinar is intended to highlight plugins which spring up from our Atlassian Developer Network. Our inaugural Plugin of the Month webinar was held late last month with Dan Hardiker of Adaptavist.
Along with Dan’s webinar, all webinars of both series are recorded and will eventually be available on Atlassian TV.

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Voice of the Customer

Plugin of the Month

Keep an eye on the Voice of the Customer and Plugin of the Month pages for upcoming presentations.
If you are interested in being a presenter, please drop us a line: marketing [at] atlassian [dot] com.

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