Yesterday we hosted a webinar with OneLogin which gives you one-click access to your Atlassian apps (among others).
In this webinar, Thomas Pedersen, CEO and co-founder of OneLogin, demonstrated how their integration can give you one-click access to all your web apps, both cloud-based and behind the firewall. We learned how you can configure shared logins, directory integration, two-factor authentication as well as integration with in-house applications. OneLogin currently integrates with over 500 apps, and the list is growing on a daily basis!
Even if you don’t feel security is a major concern for your organization, software engineers can benefit tremendously in terms of convenience as they often must manage many different logins for collaboration, documentation, issue tracking, project management, monitoring, app management, version control, etc as well as many different instances of their application. Watch the video now:

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Video: OneLogin and one-click access to your apps...