There are a few big moments in the life of any product: when it’s born, obviously; when it starts to delight its first batch of customers; and then, every so often, a shining moment when it changes the game.

GreenHopper has had a storied life so far, faithfully serving over 650,000 users worldwide and leading the charge for teams discovering and advancing Agile pursuits. GreenHopper 6 is one of those shining moments in GreenHopper’s life – a release packed with features and refinements that we believe will take Agile and team performance to new heights.

For those new to GreenHopper, it is a simple but powerful way to transform Jira into an agile project planning weapon and keep your teams nimble and speedy. GreenHopper takes everything you’ve stuffed into Jira and lets you visually order and manage it all, making it easy to plan what needs doing, execute on those tasks, and track your team’s activity and performance over time.

GreenHopper 6 delivers killer functionality for Agile teams of all experience levels across three big areas:

One Board to Rule Them All

New to GreenHopper 6 is a standard “single view” board (which we’ve affectionately referred to for some time as the “Rapid Board”) that gives individuals and teams quick, custom views of what needs to be done and what people are already busy with. These new boards are oriented around teams and bring together into a single, dynamic page many of the capabilities found in the separate plan/task/chart boards of earlier GreenHopper versions. But we’ve given the boards a fresh UI, made them zippier with zero page reloads, and gave them permanent URLs so you can share them easily. The result is that teams can easily see what they need, when they need it.

The new Scrum board is awesome for us as a small team. It lets us plan our sprints just the way we want to. Awesome job!

– Stefan Asseg, Sage HR

In addition, we’ve radically amped up the reporting capabilities in GreenHopper 6 with a new sprint report that compares what teams said they’d do, what they did, and what they pushed. We also added scope change to the burndown chart so teams can note external influences that impacted their output.


Love the Sprint Report in the Scrum board.

– Lisa VanZant, Mimio

Agile Best Practices Built-in

Let’s face it, change is hard. And changing the way an entire team works is even harder. We’ve added some extra juice to GreenHopper 6 to simplify Scrum and Kanban adoption for new users and agile experts alike with presets for both approaches. And once a team is up and running, GreenHopper 6’s new one-click column creator makes it easy to create new workflow steps, all within GreenHopper, and evolve the teams process. No fussing around with Jira workflow schemes required!

New instant filtering and multi-select ranking help a team quickly groom and prune its growing backlog. Adding estimates and acceptance criteria is now easier than ever with GreenHopper’s detailed view of the current issue always at hand and available during a planning session. Teams can now quickly move on to the next item and complete their planning sessions faster.

Jira Turbocharged

Jira is the tracking platform for projects of all shapes and sizes, and GreenHopper makes that backbone flexible. GreenHopper 6 adds management for multiple Jira projects in a single board using JQL, the Jira Query Language. Teams are like snowflakes – no two are alike – so we made it easy to customise these boards with swimlanes and quick filters that support the specific needs of your team.

You’ve always been able to click into Jira issues from GreenHopper cards. Now you can click from a Jira issue to its respective GreenHopper board, giving you an instant, organized view of other project activity.

Finally, GreenHopper 6 displays sprints in Team Calendars so the team can better plan around potential scheduling conflicts.

Covered for Growth

Hundreds of new companies adopt GreenHopper every month to accelerate their Agile transformation. The GreenHopper user community now boasts over 650,000 licensed users and more than 6,300 companies, including NYSE, ConstantContact, Abbott, and Autodesk. Take your teams performance to the next level.

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Unlock the Power of Agile: Introducing GreenHopper 6