…and we’re back!

Just one work-week until Santa (who adopted Kanban last year, and thankfully the elves are not in crunch mode). Let’s kick it off by resuming our Top 10 countdown.

#5: Build from Custom Revision

It’s pretty common to have Bamboo poll your repository for changes every 3-5 minutes. And it’s pretty common for more than one change to be committed during that interval. Usually that’s no big deal. But sometimes troubleshooting a bug, or making a release candidate, requires more precision. By building from a specific revision, you can get all the changes you want – and none of the ones you don’t. Pass the scalpel, please.

#4: Jira Issue Creation

Flow == good, context-switching == less good. So we added simple issue creation to Bamboo, available in the Actions menu on each page. Raise bugs against test failures, create a task for yourself, or request sign-off on a deploy. We put together a list of our favorite use cases for this – Top 5 Reasons Creating Jira Issues from Bamboo Makes Your Team Awesome-r. (OMG, the Top X lists just got fractal… nerd heaven!)

#3: Test Quarantine

Oh, the raging muses that do battle in our minds: “Keep the build green!” vs. “If the test was worth writing, it’s worth running!”  But our #3 feature swoops in with an olive branch and saves our brains from certain explosion. With one click, you can quarantine broken and flakey tests to keep the build green while the problem is being addressed. And the count of quarantined tests (clearly visible on each result summary) ensures compliance with the No Test Left Behind Act of 2001.

#2: Automated Merging

Can two turtle doves fuse to become one partridge in a pear tree?  Yeah, we don’t know either. Sounds messy, in any case. But what’s not messy is merging branches in Git & Hg repos. Because Bamboo will do it for you with each n’ every build. No more struggling through monolithic merges. Now that’s what we call a gift!

#1: Plan Branches

Getting feature branches to play nicely with continuous integration was a big ol’ pain in the auld lang syne until Plan Branches arrived. Now new branches in Git, Hg and SVN repos are detected and put under CI automatically. If you’re not convinced this is the coolest thing since sliced bread, just ask some of the other CI tools out there: they thought it was so cool, they copied it. You’ll forgive us for thinking the imitations aren’t as good as the original 😉



Well, that about wraps it up for 2012. We’ll be back in 2013 new releases, more tips n’ tricks, and developer brain-dumps. In the meantime, don’t miss out on our 10 coolest features of this year – download the latest Bamboo and upgrade your instance or start a free trial. Ring in the new year with a new world of possibilities!

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ps: If you haven’t yet voted for YOUR favorite Bamboo feature of 2012, head on over to the Builder’s Choice Awards and cast your ballot!

Top 10 Bamboo Features of 2012 (part 2)...