I hope those of you located in the Bay Area were able to come party with us last month at our San Francisco Office House Warming.
The theme of our party was “The Mission,” in honor our eclectic neighborhood. It featured local flavor such as Mexican food, margaritas, and a Mariachi band. We added some exotic touches too. There was a cigarette lady circulating candy around the office, and beautiful women performing acrobatics from the ceiling! Of course we didn’t leave out a game room, for those dedicated to perfecting their musical talent on Rock Band. Everyone on the Atlassian crew had a great time getting to know some of our local customers and partners.
The party was such a success that we plan to make “The Mission Party” an annual event. So if you missed this year be sure not to miss next, where we’ll raise the bar and throw in some new surprises.
See you there!
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food spread.jpg
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The SF Mission Party – big success!...