Maybe the global financial crisis is lifting, or maybe the agenda is just that hot, or maybe people just really like the goat, but registrations for Summit 2010 are through-the-roof. We recently blew through registrations from Summit 2009, and there’s still 50 days left until Summit 2010.
If you have already registered for Summit, you’re going to have more people to learn from and network with. If you’re thinking about coming to the event, don’t wait – we’re close to selling out Summit 2010!
Note: these graphs were outdated about 5 minutes after we created them!
And don’t forget: we announced a special warm-up event to Summit 2010 called Starter Day. Tickets for Starter Day are only $50, and it’s a great opportunity to hear from half-a-dozen stellar executives from some of the slickest technology companies on the planet: Redfin, Boxee, Pandora, Aardvark, Scoutlabs and Hubspot.
Starter Day begins at 1pm on June 9, and culminates in a kick-off celebration for Summit that evening.

(Summit preview) Stats for Summit 2010...