As part of our September release of Jira Studio, we’re pleased to announce a new user type: Studio Collaborators. Collaborators enjoy full access to the Issues and Wiki applications of Studio, meaning that they can create and edit wiki pages, file and work on bugs, etc., but do not have access to the source code-related applications (i.e. Subversion, Fisheye, and Crucible).
Some background: a few months ago we introduced Jira Studio, a hosted development suite which combines Jira, Confluence, Subversion, Fisheye, and Crucible. While Jira Studio is primarily a tool for development teams, many of our customers have asked whether we can make the service more accessible to the rest of the organisation. For example, the technical writers and marketers, who would like to be able to edit a wiki page or file an issue, but don’t need source code access.
With the addition of the Collaborator users, you can now open up Studio access to your whole company – what’s more, Collaborators are priced at only $10/user, a price we hope will encourage widespread collaboration and Studio usage throughout the company.
The September release of Jira Studio also contains a number of other improvements, including an upgrade of the wiki to Confluence 2.9 and the ability to apply your own look and feel (colors, logos, etc.) to the suite. For more, please check out the release notes.

Studio for the Rest of the Organisation