Here are a few anecdotes from the last couple days that don’t lend themselves to a full blog each, but which I wanted to capture:
A passenger on my train ride home one evening saw me proofreading the March Atlassian Newsletter. “Do you work with Atlassian?” That turned into a nice 15-minute conversation with Mike, an engineer at TeeBeeDee and a really nice guy, who said they’re using our products. He had used our products at his previous work and brought them over to the new company, too. Always great running into customers at unexpected times.
When she read the blog about the user conference, Teresa at Macadamian Technologies emailed me immediately to ask how they can participate. “We’re big Atlassian fans here,” she wrote in a separate email. We’re looking for an event organizer to help us out with our planning and management of a user conference. I hope to lock down a date and location for this event soon., our new site dedicated to helping users get adoption of their wiki by their communities, has been bookmarked 785 times on There are now 50 patterns on the site, at least two-thirds of which have been created or suggested by non-Atlassians. While we may host the site, it’s a great community effort and an example of the patterns in action.
Our website went down temporarily on Monday because of a memory error. I sent an email to our hosting provider, Contegix, and within 30 seconds had a reply. It was so fast that at first I thought my email had bounced. No, that’s just how they do things there. That started a short email correspondence with Brian at Contegix as we tried to track down the problem, and minutes later the site was back up. That’s legendary service.

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