7. You can say “G’Day” in your best Aussie accent to an Atlassian.
6. You will be mesmerised, perhaps even entranced, when you see Fisheye and Bamboo demoed on two 30″ Apple Cinema displays.
5. JOLT Award night… see if Atlassian Confluence, Crowd, Clover, and Fisheye walk away with the gold!
4. There’s always a possibility that someone will bring beer to the booth.
3. Because we want to turn our booth into a flash mob (seriously, that would be awesome!).
2. Jira Studio will make its debut.
1. We’re giving out Atlassian shirts at our booth… w00t!

The SDWest Conference and Expo takes place in Santa Clara, CA, March 3-7, 2008.

Top 7 Reasons to See Us at SDWest...