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Confluence 5 is officially out the door and so far it’s living up to the hype. Our main goal for the new release was to bring clarity to every screen in Confluence. We wanted to give ‘spaces’ special attention, since that’s where all your content lives. Too often we would get these questions from new users navigating a space:

  • Where am I?
  • What’s in this space?
  • What are the most important links that I should be aware of?

We wanted Confluence to answer these questions for you, so we introduced the Space Sidebar. The Space Sidebar provides new and old users with all the context they need for navigating a space and its contents.

See it for yourself

Spaces should be where you find content and answers, not end up with more questions. Check out this short video to see how you can use the Space Sidebar to navigate your spaces with ease.

4 things to try in the new Space Sidebar

1. Space Shortcuts

Space Admins can add shortcut links to the Space Sidebar to help users quickly navigate to important pages and other content in or related to the current space – Confluence pages, blog posts, Jira projects, GreenHopper boards, anything.


2. Contextual navigation

Every space contains a page hierarchy – a collection of pages with parent and child relationships – perfect for keeping your content organized. When navigating within a space it’s important to know where you’re located in that page hierarchy. The new contextual navigation section of the Space Sidebar highlights the children of the current page, so finding related content is just a click away. Finding timely and newsworthy content is just as simple. When you are viewing a blog post this section of the sidebar will display recent blog posts, grouped by month.


3. Redesigned Space Tools

Admins rejoice! The Space Sidebar unearths all advanced space operations and admin screens that were previously located in the ‘Browse’ menu. When you click on Space Tools (or the cog icon in compact mode) Space Admins are immediately dropped on the Space Permissions screen. From there you’ll find the remaining space operations easily accessible and more logically organized.


4. Compact mode

If you need to focus on the content in a page or blog post you can collapse the sidebar at any time. Just click the right edge of the sidebar and drag it until collapsed. Even when the sidebar is in compact mode everything you need is still a click away.


Power user? Press ‘[‘ to collapse or expand the Space Sidebar without touching your mouse.

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4 Things to Try with the Space Sidebar in Confluen...