The Runkeeper team must move fast to keep up with the demands of the 30 million people worldwide who use the app to track daily runs and workouts. To perform like an Olympian, and keep cranking at optimal levels on all mobile operating systems, Runkeeper uses Confluence, Jira, and Hipchat. These running partners keep the team agile and on the same course.


Because the company has grown at an unprecedented rate, they’ve faced some challenges. One of the biggest was keeping everyone on the team informed despite so much growth. At first, they were using Google Docs to collaborate on requirements and project work, but it just wasn’t scaling. They needed a better solution, something that could scale and move as quickly as they were, and provide a central place for the entire organization to share and find work.

“Trying to find and share Google Docs across the organization was challenging. We wanted something that we could use to collaborate, use as a knowledge base, and that could integrate with Jira”

Challenge accepted! Confluence met their requirements and more. It’s a tool that can be used as a knowledge base, by the entire organization, and it integrates with Jira like a breeze.

Read the full story to see how Runkeeper uses the combination of Confluence, Jira, and Hipchat to scale agile development, for team collaboration, and to increase productivity across its entire organization.

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Runkeeper collaborates like champs with Confluence...