That might not seem like prudent advice given today’s economic uncertainties, but it’s what Peldi, the man behind Balsamiq, decided to do last year. Today he tells a great story on his blog about how the idea of mockups came to him and why it made sense for him to deliver Balsamiq as an Atlassian plugin.

Plugins make sense for a small vendor like me: it’s an add-on sale, you don’t have to convince buyers of the value of the platform (the platform vendors take care of this expensive task), all you do is add a feature, simple.

While we would like to take all the credit for Balsamiq’s success, we have to acknowledge that maybe Peldi’s vision, personal sacrifices and quality product also have something to do with it. And as for the economy? Maybe now is a good time to hunker down and spend a couple  hours coding up that project idea in your head. Remember that the last recession gave us Web 2.0.

Quit Your Job and Build a Plugin...