I’m happy to announce that GreenHopper 5.2.3 and the Jira Wallboards Plugin 1.3.1 are now available. While both of these are minor product releases, we’ve managed to pack some excellent usability enhancements into each one. The Jira Wallboards plugin, which turns Jira into an information radiator by presenting GreenHopper and compatible OpenSocial gadgets on a big screen, has been a pleasant distraction for the GreenHopper team to work on. We will continue to improve this plugin as we use it day-to-day and know how valuable it can be!


GreenHopper 5.2.3 reintroduces two oft-requested features that were removed in 5.0 to make way for inline editing in the list view. We tried our best to respond to this feedback sooner, but truth be told, we had some technical hurdles which we struggled to overcome.
Hence, you can now:

  1. drag-and-drop list view items from anywhere within each item
  2. double-click an item to change it to a card view (and vice versa)

..all while still editing issues inline!
We have also responded to feedback about our cumulative flow diagram implementation and have made improvements that enable all teams, not just those using Kanban, to make use of these charts. Even if your team does not follow a foward Kanban flow, you can now see where bottlenecks are occurring at a glance.

Jira Wallboards

Wallboards 1.3.1 introduces a new colour scheme for better contrast on large monitors, enhancing your ability to view important information from across a room. We have also bundled a Twitter gadget so that you can track tweets about your product or team. James Hatherly joined the GreenHopper team to work on further enhancements to Wallboards. Please be sure to send me your feedback and gadget ideas so that together we can make this an awesome information radiator.
Finally, GreenHopper 5.2.3 introduces two new gadgets – the cumulative flow diagram and the statistic (e.g. story point) burndown chart gadget – which can both be added to your Jira dashboards and wallboards.
GreenHopper team Wallboard

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Product updates: GreenHopper & Jira Wallboards Plugin