Mark your calendar and please join us on August 26, 2008 when we have a conversation with plugin developer, Dan Hardiker of Adaptavist.
UPDATE: This video was recorded in September 2008 and can be viewed here.
Having committed over 25 free plugins*, Dan is one of the most prolific plugin developers in the Atlassian community. In this live webinar, Dan will discuss and demonstrate some of his favorite plugins, including Statistical Analysis, Advanced Search, User Security Management, and Form Mail. And we’ll try to do all that in under 30 minutes… wish us luck!
By way of introduction, we asked Dan 5 questions:

I like to code in ______
Whatever cracks the nut without requiring a pneumatic drill. Java primarily but Javascript, Python, PHP, Ruby all have their uses!
JSR-666 is ______
Simultaneously cool and scary. I suspect it’s the mark of the beast, or at least the label on Charles’ undergarments.
When I’m not coding I’m _____
Thinking about what I have coded, what I’m going to code and finishing off my plans for a cloning machine / time bubble creation theory.
I also keep up with my passions for producing & mixing dance music and psychology.
My favourite t-shirt is _____
The ‘sudo’ shirt available from xkcd. If only they did a ‘bobby tables’ one.
My advice for other plugin developers is _____
4 things:
1. Nothing is impossible, but some things just aren’t worth the effort.
2. Try to understand what lies beneath – get to know the APIs and what they do.
3. Keep it a simple as you can to achieve the effect you want.
4. The obvious / fastest / easiest way isn’t always the best way.

Meet Dan on Tuesday August 29, discover some cool Confluence plugins you may not have heard about, and learn about developing your own plugins.

* And assisted with many others, and wrote the original Plugin Repository for Confluence, and… well, his accomplishments are many!

Plugins Galore with Dan Hardiker...