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Product owners are occasionally struck with awe at just how large their product backlog has grown. The GreenHopper team has been exploring this problem and we’re happy to announce a solution – Epics, your key to taming a growing backlog.

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‘When will we ship?’

Product owners are often asked how much more work is needed until a feature is ready to ship. A big feature can be represented by an epic, and this epic may span multiple sprints. The product owner and team can see how close they are to completing the epic by looking at the epic panel on the Plan mode.

If you are new to epics start learning here.

Plot the course

Of course, to know when you are finished you need to plot the steps between start and finish, and identify where the finish line actually is. The product owner can now create an epic and with the help of the team together they can decompose the epic into stories over time. This means the team doesn’t need to have the whole epic fleshed out on day one, of sprint one – be iterative.

Decompose an epic into stories to break a complex and overwhelming task into smaller more manageable tasks.

Build with balance

With multiple epics spanning multiple sprints, the product owner needs a visual indication of which epics are favoured ahead of others. Each story on the backlog that is assigned to an epic has an epic name so the team can see, at a glance, the number of stories from each epic that are in the sprint backlog.

Epics can span multiple sprints, and a product owner may wish to spend effort on multiple epics in any given sprint. GreenHopper helps the product owner manage this.

GreenHopper TV

Not only does GreenHopper 6.1 introduce this ‘Epic’ functionality (get it?!), we’re also announcing GreenHopper TV. GreenHopper TV pushes a refresh out to any device the board is being viewed on, making it great for distributed teams (even if that isn’t ideal).

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Enterprise Admins – Be sure to check out the Scaling GreenHopper guide.

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