I could not be happier about the outcome of Atlassian’s first ever developers only user conference, AtlasCamp. Last week, the two-and-a-half day event held in Santa Rosa, California attracted the community’s very best. Lot’s of unconference time, lighting talks and even a little late night Werewolf created the perfect storm to energized an already active community.
Throughout the event, attendees told us how excited they were to finally meet people face to face that they have been communicating with over the internet for years. Atlassian developers gained valuable feedback from networking with the community of brilliant attendees who code on our products. There is no question we want to turn this into an annual event. So if geeking out with us for a couple days sounds right up your alley, don’t miss next year.
We’ll be posting video’s, blogs, and presentations about the event at www.atlassian.com/atlascamp soon.
Lastly, a big thank you to everyone who participated for making it a great meeting!
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Only 12 months till next AtlasCamp...