We have tickets to No Fluff Just Stuff and we’re giving them away!
About Us.jpg NFJS is one of the best technical java and agility event series around. NFJS tours the country each year holding in-depth three day seminars for passionate developers and their teams. Learn from industry experts and your peers, see real world case studies and delve into hands-on code examples.
If you’re passionate about development, this is the series for you.
For more information on NFJS and the symposium cities and dates, check out their site.
Free tickets are extremely limited and are on a first come, first serve basis.UPDATE: Tickets for Reston, Cincinnati, Boston, Calgary, Chicago, Des Moines, Columbus, St. Louis, Denver, Austin, Toronto, San Diego, Princeton, Atlanta, Orlando and Seattle are gone!
If you’d like your chance at getting a pair, please email me at lkhalil [at] atlassian [dot] com and in the Subject Line write, “I’d like NFJS tickets for [city]”. I’ll do my best to hook you up!

No Fluff Just Stuff Tickets up for Grabs!...