Your favorite society that you’ve never heard of, because it’s secret, is back with a vengeance. The Secret Society of Wiki Ninjas is here to bring you up to speed on all of the powerful features of the new editor in Confluence 4.0.

Today we invite you to test your mettle and determine if you have what it takes to become a a Confluence Master. While the journey is fierce and the tasks challenging, once triumphant you too can become a part of the legend of the Secret Society of Wiki Ninjas.

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We’ve created a new Ninja Guide to help you and your team learn all of the new powerful features available in Confluence 4.0. From Inserting a table, to rendering wiki markup on the fly with Autoformatting, to getting familiar with Confluence 4.0’s new macro placeholders, this guide covers it all so your team can create rich content even faster with the new editor in Confluence 4.0.

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We created these guides to provide tips and tricks to help every Confluence user achieve something new in Confluence. Whether you’re a new user, a savvy veteran, or a hard-ass Administrator, each guide provides its own insights to help you learn how to best use Confluence and take advantage of all of its features.

If you’re a Confluence Administrator struggling with new user adoption, pass these guides to your fellow users to help them understand the building blocks of Confluence as well as the unique features that make creating, sharing, discovering, discussing and finding rich content in Confluence awesome.

Improve your skills belt-by-belt

The White Belt is intended to teach new users Confluence basics and familiarize them with the philosophy of a wiki. The Yellow Belt introduces fundamental content creation and collaboration features and strategies. The Green Belt expands on those fundamentals by demonstrating how to create and collaborate, fast, using some of Confluence’s most advanced features. Lastly, to earn the Black Belt, achieving wiki ninja status, you’ll learn some of Confluence’s best kept secrets.

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Every belt is jam-packed with rich information about the multitude of Confluence features. Watch quick hit videos, read documentation or check out the screenshots to quickly flatten the Confluence learning curve so you can start creating and collaborating now.

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Take the Confluence 4.0 Ninja Challenge!...