Creating links has never been so fast

The Confluence Development Team unleashed the beast that is Confluence 3.2 last week. This release of the brings a number of new features to users, making it an even more powerful enterprise collaboration and wiki tool.

This is the first of series of posts where I’ll deep dive into a new feature and give you a video demonstration of the feature in action. Let’s start with Autocomplete for inserting links.

Link to recently viewed content

Have you ever been editing a wiki page and wanted to insert a link to another wiki page you were just viewing? I do, all the time! Before Confluence 3.2, you could launch the Link Browser, and click on the recently viewed tab to find that page to link to. Well, now you can link to that page in just a could of key strokes without the need to touch your mouse! Yeah I know, cool right? So how do you do it?

When editing a page using the Rich Text Editor you can enter a trigger character ([) or press a keyboard shortcut (Control + Shift + K) to call up a list of suggested links or documents to add to your page. The suggested links are based on your recently viewed content in the wiki.

Link to anything

What about linking to anything in Confluence, without having to launch the LInk Browser, or even use your mouse? Yes, that’s possible too. Just trigger Autocomplete by entering either a square bracket (]) or pressing Control + Shift + K when using the Rich Text Editor and start typing. You’ll be presented with a list of suggestions on content to link to based on what you’ve typed. That includes pages, blogs, attachments and people.

Keep typing and the list will dynamically update. Use your keyboard to select the content you want to create the link to and press Enter. Bam. You’ve created your link.
We think Autocomplete is going to make creating wiki pages incredibly fast and give you more time to focus on more time consuming tasks.

See it in action

I’ve created a short 2 minute video to show you this slick new feature in action. You can even embed this video in your own Confluence instance so your entire user base can learn how to use this feature by entering the following wiki markup into one of your pages – {widget:url=}.

Try it out now!

Not using Confluence 3.2 yet? Take a tour of all the big new features in Confluence 3.2 and test out this new feature in the Confluence sandbox.


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