Big news from Atlassian today. I’m pleased to announce two shiny new product releases – Fisheye 1.6 and Crucible 1.6 – as well as the impending release of the much-anticipated Atlassian IDE Connector, which lets you interact with your favorite Atlassian tools directly from IntelliJ IDEA (and soon, Eclipse).
Fisheye and Crucible are two of Atlassian’s best weapons to turbo charge development teams, and the new releases are full of over 100 customer-driven features and fixes.

Fisheye 1.6: The Secret Sauce for your Source

Fisheye opens your Subversion, Perforce or CVS source code repository and helps development teams keep tabs on what’s going on. Fisheye lets you track code changes, stay notified of commits via RSS, and search through the guts of the repository quickly and easily through the Web.
Key new features in Fisheye 1.6 include:

  • Search enhancements: Fisheye’s Quick Search as been designed to return more accurate results faster. And Fisheye will now index the full content of every commit and will also return changesets for content hits. You can also now search specifically for added or deleted content, so you can find something even if it was renamed.
  • Multiple admin users: need multiple admins? No sweat. Now existing Administrators can grant Admin status to other Fisheye users.
  • New “change” chart type: this new chart provides a quick view of activity by extension, author or subdirectory over a specified period. Check it out:
  • Thumbnail image for Fisheye_1.6_Change_Chart.png

  • Plus, lots of other great features and fixes. See the release notes for the low-down.

Meeting Fisheye for the first time? Check out the new Fisheye overview videos at

Crucible 1.6: Team Code Review, Now Deployable Standalone

Crucible is a peer code review tool that helps teams review, edit, comment and record outcomes all from the comfort of a Web browser. Every bit (and byte) of code needs review, and Crucible is up to the challenge.
Key new features in Crucible 1.6 include:

  • Deployable standalone: for the first time, Crucible can be deployed without Fisheye.
  • Light SCM: related, but worth highlighting separately, Crucible 1.6 offers new Light SCM plugin infrastructure for supporting additional repositories (like GIT and ClearCase). Crucible 1.6 supports Confluence, server file systems, and Subversion.
  • Confluence page reviews: through Crucible’s support for Confluence, you can now use Crucible to review Confluence pages, in the same way you use it to review code.
  • Lots of other great features and fixes. See the release notes for the low-down.

New to Crucible? Learn more at

And finally…Introducing the latest Atlassian IDE Connector

Last but not least, I’m pleased to introduce the new IDE Connector (currently supporting IntelliJ IDEA, and soon other dev environments). So for those of you that would prefer to not leave the comforts of your IDEA, but still love to use Atlassian tools for tracking issues, running builds, digging through the source code repository or kicking off code reviews, you get the best of both worlds. Check the release notes for the full scoop.
More information about the IDE Connector, and its integration with Jira, Bamboo, Fisheye and Crucible can be found at

New Fisheye & Crucible Releases, plus the IDE ...