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This is a guest blog post by Brian Doll of New Relic, an Atlassian Partner that provides SaaS-based App Performance Management to more than 10,000 customers.

Real-time User Monitoring Available Today

Hi folks, Brian Doll here for New Relic. First off, a hearty ‘thank you’ to our friends at Atlassian for this guest post. They are great partners and we love working with them. I wanted to take a moment to share some news that I think both Atlassian and Atlassian customers will be excited about. Today New Relic announced that we are adding real user monitoring to our existing app monitoring capability. This means that using New Relic, you can now look at real user requests in real time to get significant data about the user experience including page load times, time in request queue, how long a page takes to render, and Apdex score. Plus, you can sort and visualize these metrics by geography, by longest time in queue, throughput, etc. and really start to understand which users are having issues and which aren’t. One of the coolest things about this capability is that, rather than charge for it as an add-on, we are including it for free as a core component of our existing product.

Works with Your Atlassian Tools

So now you’ve got real user monitoring and deep application-centric viability in the same tool. How might that benefit you? A couple of different use cases for this come to mind.

1. Atlassian uses New Relic on hosted editions of Jira and Confluence

The product teams can now see exactly, in real time, what all users are experiencing on these apps. Page load speed, slowest requests, which browsers took longer to load, how do customer experiences compare across the world, are potential issues located in the front end, network, app tier, or back end systems–all these questions can now be answered with just a few clicks of the mouse. The team can even analyze the performance of specific requests, then seamlessly switch to app monitoring from the same page and then drill down into the root cause from the app perspective.


2. For lots of New Relic customers, Jira and Confluence are must-have tools

That’s why we worked with Atlassian dev team to integrate our two products. For example, you can see New Relic charts right in your Jira console, enabling a whole lifecycle view of your web apps as you develop and deploy them. Real User Monitoring enhances the New Relic data you can see and lets you know immediately what your users are experiencing, where bottlenecks are located in your app environment, and where you need to optimize. Again, you can even focus on specific user requests to see what pages are taking the longest to load and then seamlessly navigate to the app drill down view for component-level diagnostics.

With Real User Monitoring, application development and deployment teams can answer questions such as is the browser slow? Which Browser? Am I meeting real end-user SLAs? What is my real-user Apdex score? Do I need to optimize the front-end?

Get Started Today

Getting started with New Relic is easy. Signup and implementation process takes about 2 minutes. Before you know it, you’ll have more performance data for your app than you ever thought possible.

Signup between now and the end of May now and get access to our premium subscription service free for 14 days!

Happy monitoring!

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