Developing mobile applications is a tricky task. Even in the closed iOS market, there are many different devices and countless versions of the operating system. Making sure your app runs smoothly on everyone’s device can be next to impossible without a massive testing team. Apps that crash, or don’t function as they should, are certain to receive poor reviews in the App Store. Luckily, Jira Mobile Connect is here to help.

Communicate With Your Users

Leave App Feedback with Jira Mobile Connect

Mobile Connect allows you to gather a user’s feedback right after the crash occurs. They can record a few harsh words for your listening pleasure. Or, if they’re feeling particularly generous, they can write down some feedback and take a screenshot to provide you with more info (these features are particularly useful during beta testing).

All of this information appears automatically in a new Jira issue. Who knows, maybe they will get all of the anger out of their system before trashing you in the app store.

What’s more, you can then respond to their crash report and let them know how much you appreciate their help. Many people aren’t used to interacting with software developers, so this will probably catch them off guard (in a good way).

Not too long ago, I was playing with the iPad app, Uzu, and really wanted the ability to use the app on a larger screen, so I emailed the developer. I didn’t expect to get a response, but he emailed me back saying the feature will be included in the next release. I immediately felt much more attached to the app, and I continue to recommend it to everyone with an iPad.

Automatic Crash Reporting

As many developers probably know already, most end-users are not very good at providing helpful feedback beyond “Your app sux! It keeps crashing.” Jira Mobile Connect automatically submits your iOS Crash Reports directly to your development team in the form of a Jira issue to help you replicate the problem and, ultimately, solve it.

Automatically collect mobile app bugs in Jira

I know from experience that users expect your app to work regardless of the device or outdated version of the OS they’re using. They don’t know how much information developers need to understand a bug. In addition, they’re often too busy or angry to send you an email explaining their problem. Instead, they stop using your app or leave a negative review in iTunes that could prevent people from downloading your app in the future.

Issue Visualization

If you have a large user base, you will probably have a lot of user feedback and crash reports. Jira Mobile Connect makes visualizing these issues a breeze. You can see what devices, OSs and app versions are causing the most problems and prioritize your bug fixing efforts accordingly.

Jira Mobile Connect Issue Reporting.jpg

Try Jira Mobile Connect Today

You need Jira to use Mobile Connect. However, if you don’t have Jira already, we’ll give you a free hosted Jira project so that you can try out Mobile Connect!

Get started today by installing the Jira Mobile Connect for iOS plugin on your Jira instance and cloning the bitbucket repository for inclusion in your app. A 1.0 release and Android app are in the works.

If you want to see it in action, check out Nick Pellow’s talk and demo from this year’s Summit.

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