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Scroll Versions adds additional functionality to Confluence for technical writers and other authors of documentation or online help. You can manage the technical documentation authoring process the easy way: right in the wiki. With Confluence and Scroll Versions, you get a powerful wiki-based authoring solution that is capable of single-source, structured content, (social) collaboration, and that scales to your needs.

A Must-Have: Concurrent Version Management

Concurrent version support is a critical feature for writing quality technical documentation. Many companies have multiple versions (or variants) of a product “in the wild” simultaneously, requiring documentation tailored to each version of the product.

The documentation release process used at Atlassian has become a best practice for managing documentation with Confluence. To manage their documentation, the tech writing team at Atlassian keeps all documentation for a product in one master space. Each time the documentation in the master space is updated to a new version (a new product release), the master space is archived to a version space. (The process is described in detail in this excellent blog post).

This process becomes challenging if you have to work on more than one version at the same time. Scroll Versions’ concurrent version management feature allows for management of multiple versions in one space. These versions can be used to author documentation for multiple iterations of software, different product variants, or even multiple languages.

How it works

In Scroll Versions, documentation administrators define versions in your space and authors select one of the versions as the “Working Version”. Subsequent changes (creation, update, removal) can be scheduled for that working version–hidden from users that are not members of the “authors” role. After changes have been made for a certain version, the documentation adminstrators can publish the changes either within the same space or to a completely new space .


Compare Versions and Spaces

After creating multiple versions of pages, you want to be able to see what changed across versions and in published spaces. With Scroll Versions, you can compare versions within the same space and across spaces. The Compare dialog gives you an overview of what has changed between them–which pages have been added, changed, or removed.

See the version management of Scroll Versions in action

What Else Is on the Feature List?

Concurrent Version Management and Compare Versions are only two of the great features Scroll Versions offers. A few others:

  • Duplicate Page Titles and Permalinks
  • Enhanced Content Reuse
  • Context-Sensitive Help

To get more information please visit the release announcement on our blog and check the key feature description in the documentation.

Get started now!

Scroll Versions is available on the Atlassian Marketplace now! Download or install it through the Universal Plugin Manager on your Confluence 4.2+ system and give it a try.

Also, please contact us at sales@k15t.com to schedule a time for a free 30-min webinar.

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