Documents for Jira by StonikByte lets you manage files in Jira on a project level and store them on your Jira server.

With file storage options like company file servers, Microsoft SharePoint, cloud storage services, and the file graveyard known as the “email inbox,” why store files in Jira? Well, if you attach files to your Jira issues, you already do. Frequently, a particular file might relate to multiple issues or an entire project–Documents for Jira helps you share these files in the context of everything else your team does in Jira.

Manage Files in Jira

Documents for Jira creates a new tab on the project dashboard screen of Jira: “Documents”. Under this tab lives a list of files related to that project–think technical specifications, onboarding documents for new team members, architecture guidelines, style conventions, and more.

Each file listed on the page also has associated metadata: who posted it, the date it was last updated, file type, name, size and actions.

Documents for Jira file list

List files from anywhere

Documents for Jira is meant to serve as a unified host of the important files for any Jira project, no matter where the files are located. So in addition to uploading files from local machines to the Jira server, you can simply save a file URL to a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Box or an FTP server and record all the same metadata. The value of Documents for Jira is in keeping track of important project files in the context of a Jira project.

Documents for Jira add file page

Alternatively, files that you upload from a local machine are stored in a subfolder of the larger Jira attachments folder that manages all issue attachments. This means you get the benefit of file management in Jira without creating a backup and upgrade nightmare for your IT staff.

Regardless of whether a file is stored on the Jira server itself, your team can experience the benefit of listing all project-specific files in the same place you track all the rest of your work.

X-factor: Permissions

Sometimes, certain sensitive documents should only be shared among certain members of the team, or only the document’s owner should be able to upload new versions of a document. Documents for Jira allows you to apply viewing and editing restrictions to the add-on. For example, while all members of a project might be able to view the documents, only project managers can upload new versions. This helps enforce the documents stored in Jira as the source of truth for your team.

You can find Documents for Jira and thousands of other add-ons in the Atlassian Marketplace.

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