What would you get if you crossed the movie Inception with the Atlassian Marketplace? Leonardo DiCaprio going inside devs’ dreams to close out thorny Jira issues? CUTE for Confluence and Jira by Communardo Software isn’t quite that awesome, but it’s pretty close. It offers plugins inside of plugins for Jira and Confluence, making theming and UI customization for your wiki or issue tracker easy and modular.

CUTE helps Jira and Confluence users make modifications to their instance without the technical knowledge or time investment necessary to write a plugin from scratch.

CUTE for Confluence editor

Styling Jira and Confluence with CUTE

CUTE stands for “Communardo Universal Theme Extensions” – a new way of theming Confluence and Jira by using Communardo Software’s pre-built extensions or creating new ones to customize the UI of Jira or Confluence. No need to get your hands dirty with the Atlassian Plugin SDK–instead, admins can use simple and flexible customizations that work even after updates to Atlassian’s products.

How does CUTE work?

CUTE AdministrationOnce CUTE is installed, admins can see an overview of existing extensions and tools to quickly create new ones.

Activate, de-activate, import, export, and create extensions in just one click. Using CUTE means that if you want to make a small change to a Confluence menu or the page layout for Jira, you don’t need to write a plugin or go into your instance’s source code, potentially saving admins an upgrade nightmare.

Simple changes, such as using a new color scheme or adding images like your company’s logo, are be carried out directly in the properties of the extension. For more extensive adaptations, CUTE helps you manage HTML and Velocity templates, CSS stylesheets, and Javascript files.

Communardo is working hard to build out a library of sample extensions to help their users make building extensions faster and easier. They already have 7 Confluence extensions and 4 Jira extensions to get you off the ground.
The best way to understand CUTE is to see it in action. Here are 5 awesome extensions built for CUTE, handpicked by Communardo.

The CUTE-est Extensions

  1. Jira Zenlike Theme – Themes! For Jira! This extension includes a header with space for a banner and a background image.
    Jira Zen-like theme
  2. Confluence Favorites Menu – Quickly access your favorited Confluence pages directly from the navigation bar.
    Confluence favorites menu
  3. Confluence Horizontal Scrollbar – Wide pictures and tables can get disorienting on a page–simplify horizontal scrolling with an automatic visible scroll bar.Confluence horizontal scrollbar
  4. Confluence Metadata Box Extension – Get metadata about a page, normally stored under the Tools menu, in one click.Confluence metadata box extension
  5. Confluence Teaser Image Dashboard – Add teaser images to the main feed of your Confluence dashboard.
    Confluence metadata box extension
Even more extensions can be found on Communardo’s Support Portal. Want to share your Jira or Confluence hacks? Become a part of the CUTE Community and exchange ideas and extensions with Communardo and fellow Atlassian customers!

Where can I see CUTE?

Communardo is running several free webinar about CUTE in January so that you can watch an extension get created on the fly. See how easy it is and get your questions answered. Sign up using the links below:

Try out CUTE for yourself. CUTE for ConfluenceCUTE for Jira, and thousands of other add-ons are available on the Atlassian Marketplace!

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